Welcome to Schiatti STONE

Glass and ceramics: what do they have in common? In Schiatti they rest on a shared base of technology and service; qualities on which the Company has built its solid international reputation

The new born in Schiatti comes with a know-how worthy of a middle-aged lady (Schiatti has been manufacturer of glass processing machines from over 50 years) but has the technological freshness and young mentality of a start-up. The new brand takes Schiatti’s past experience and converts it into the ceramic sector.

New tests for new record
Schiatti tried out our ceramics processing machines with severe tests of grinding and polishing on a wide range of materials by using different types of tools according to the base to be processed, the type of processing, and the desired quality of finishing.

The target materials of Schiatti’s machines
Schiatti’s ceramics processing machines can process ceramic products and compounds such as porcelain stoneware, Laminam, Kerlite and Dekton; materials that often find application in the fields of construction, furniture, and interior design.

What processes do Schiatti’s machines can carry out?
Schiatti’s ceramic processing machines are manufactured to grind and polish the cut edge in order to obtain:

  • Flat edge and 45° arrises
  • Fix 45° chamfer and variable angle from 0° to over 45°
  • Pencil edge, Ogee, waterfall edges – on thicknesses up to 35mm

Customers review Schiatti’s ceramics processing machines
Schiatti’s customers already had the chance to test the new machines and the feedback highlights ease of use alongside performance, Schiatti is particularly proud of this because they are convinced that machines should always be easy to use.