The Glass Industry Event for Cuba and the Caribbean Region


6 - 7 December 2016 Havana Cuba

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The Event



Cuba has more than 11 million inhabitants and receives 3 million tourists a year while its economy is the second largest among Caribbean countries registering 3% GDP growth in 2014. However the island is heavily dependent on imports throughout the economy and needs investment at all levels. A recent law seeks to promote growth in the local market by encouraging the in-flow of foreign capital and the government is aware that internationalization will also mean greater internal demand and higher consumption. The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has already detected greater dynamism in the construction sector mostly related to private operations (+ 19.7%). Cuba could become the benchmark for the entire Caribbean area.

Cuba is starting to open up to modernization and development in its economical and industrial system and this process also includes the glass sector. A great deal of machinery and technology is obsolete and requires complete renovation or even total replacement. According to IMF estimates the island has incredible potential: it is now moving towards new investments involving foreign capital and will soon start producing goods locally. CUBA GLASS is the first international event that offers the opportunity to meet the very people who need to renew and modernize as well as those who want to invest in the island. Glass is certain to be at the forefront of Cuba’s development – just think how many square meters of glass will go into modernizing and expanding tourist facilities shops and offices private and public housing. Moreover according to a recent survey pharmaceuticals and the supply chain for alcoholic and soft drinks are amongst the most promising sectors.

Opportunities at a glance

  • Business meetings with local professionals
  • Speech at workshops and presentations
  • Visitor data available to all participating companies
  • Dedicated meeting rooms for private business meetings
  • Promotion of your brand through sponsorship opportunities
Conference podium

Exhibitor company profile - Suppliers of equipment and materials


  • Raw materials for glass production
  • Preparation of raw materials and batches
  • Glass melting technology
  • Forming for hollow glass
  • Forming for flat glass
  • Forming for fiber glass
  • Equipment for glass tube production
  • Equipment for glass fiber production
  • Furnace lehr kiln technology
  • Cold end technology for hollow glass
  • Cold end technology for float glass laminated glass wired glass and other types of flat glass
  • Pyrolitic coating systems for flat glass
  • Coating technology for hollow glass
  • Conveying transport packaging and warehouse technology


  • Cutting breaking and snapping
  • Drilling
  • Edge and surface finishing
  • Forming and bending
  • Laser technology
  • Coating
  • Electronic display glass
  • Insulation glass
  • Safety glass
  • Cleaning
  • Auxiliary products
  • Recycling
  • Suppliers for the glass machinery industry
  • Nanotechnology


  • Commercial glass and curtain wall products systems hardware & related components
  • Equipment for glass and metal fabrication
  • Residential glass products systems & related components
  • Residential window & door products systems hardware & related components
  • Supplies (abrasives cleaning products lubricants) & tools
  • Equipment for residential window & door manufacturing
  • Equipment for commercial fenestration glazing installation
  • Software


  • Solar glass
  • Photovoltaic production
  • Solar technology
  • Building integrated photovoltaic (BiPV)


  • Glazing tools
  • Cutting grinding and drilling tools
  • Handling tools hand-guided
  • Spare parts
  • Protection devices
  • Work clothing
  • Lifting and working platforms
  • Brackets for glass applications
  • Adhesives
  • Extrusion
  • Consumables
  • LED technology


  • Measurement and testing
  • Sensing
  • Computer systems
  • Software and applications


  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Test institutes
  • Research institutes
  • Architects & designers
  • Project engineering
  • Main contractors
  • Associations and organisations
  • Specialized media
  • Trading companies


Take part in CUBA GLASS using our lightweight formula which avoids a heavy commitment in time or money for stand set-up and offers defined transparent pricing from the outset.

The package includes:

Contact desk

Furnished area with name board and 1 placeholder/name board

Shortly after the event all exhibitors and sponsors at CUBA GLASS 2016 will receive the complete list of registered visitors in an excel file with their company data (see visiting ⇛ registration).

Website and catalogue entries

250 word profile English and Spanish in the official catalogue distributed to all participants and dedicated page on the event website

Sponsorship opportunities

CUBA GLASS 2016 offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to enhance company's presence: visitor lanyards and badges carrier bags newsletters posters and banners event catalogue lunch/coffee areas etc.

Contact desks area

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Once you receive confirmation by e-mail please print the ticket (attached pdf) and bring it with you to the event reception to attend the event.
The ticket is valid for 1 person for both days of the event.
Registration will also be open during the event.

Please be informed that you need to check with the Embassy of Cuba in your country if you need a tourist visa and health insurance to enter Cuba.

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Event opening hours

Tuesday 6th December 10.00 - 17.00

Wednesday 7th December 10.00 - 17.00

Visitor Profile

The event will be free-to-attend for all business and professional visitors who will be registered on entry:

  • Owner / Chairman
  • Managing director / CEO
  • Plant / factory director
  • Technical director
  • Production director
  • Purchasing department
  • Technicians / engineers
  • Production department
  • R&D department
  • Test & inspection department
  • Sales & marketing manager
  • Finance and accounting manager
  • IT department
  • Logistics handling and storage department
  • Repair and maintenance department
  • Education & training department
Event visitors

Company Workshop Programme

7th December 2016 – La Corona B conference room

10.15 - 10.30 ECOL Ingeniería

Ecol Ingeniería: 40 years of experience in providing technologies for the flat and automotive glass industry.
Ecol Ingenieria: 40 años de experiencia en suministro de tecnologías para la industria del vidrio plano y automóvil.

ECOL is a group of companies with more than 40 years' experience in the design manufacture and start-up of components and machinery complete production lines and turnkey installations for international flat and automotive glass industry.

10.30 - 10.45 A+W Software

A+W Industry 4.0 - The Future of the Glass Industry.
A+W Software Industry 4.0 - El futuro de la industria del vidrio

For many years A+W has been developing industrial software and concepts for innovation-conscious companies in the flat glass industry including global leaders in glass processing and insulated glass production. Here A+W cooperates with leading technology partners in the industry in order to provide future-oriented solutions according to Industry 4.0 concepts by participating in a joint innovation network with its customers. This reduces production costs shortens delivery times and improves quality. Therefore productivity delivery reliability and customer satisfaction are improved significantly.

10.45 - 11.00 Turomas-Tecnocat

Glass cutting: technologies that save time and money.
Corte de vidrio: tecnologías que ahorran tiempo y dinero

Glass cutting is far away from using only CNC capabilities to shape your needs. TUROMAS-TECNOCAT will show how their advanced cutting technologies can deeply improve efficiency and costs affecting downstream processes and helping the production tracking.

11.00 - 11.15 Schüco

Schüco: The one stop shop for European Style windows doors and facades!
Schüco: Especialistas en ventanas puertas y fachadas de estilo europeo!

As a leading supplier of aluminum systems Schüco is synonymous with quality energy efficiency and sustainability in building cludding. Its products are widely used in residential as well as commercial applications. In addition to aluminum systems Schüco offers a wide range of services to its manufacturing partners including design support training software and machinery.

11.15 - 11.30 Fenetech

FeneVision ERP Software is looking to the future and making it happen today.
FeneVision ERP Software esta mirando al futuro y logrando que suceda hoy

The software and the machines are in constant communication in order to achieve the correct flow of information across the company and always balancing the production work cells or production lines in a irregular demand in a market with high expectations. FeneVision ERP Software helps you by increasing the efficiency in the use of all resources; time machinery materials and men power.

11.30 - 11.45 Break

11.45 - 12.00 Pomdi

3NEO® innovation for all markets.
3NEO® innovación para todos los mercados.

3NEO® patented technology for cup wheels where we reduce the cost of consumables reduce by more than 15 times the tool changeover and reduce stock considerably. We invite you to upgrade to the latest technology which will reduce your production costs.

12.00 - 12.15 Ayrox

Introduction on architectural glass quality control: why and how to monitor quality.
Introducción sobre el control de calidad del vidrio arquitectónico: porqué y cómo controlar la calidad.

Normative and economic reasons for quality control; Quality assurance daily quality control.

12.15 - 12.30 Vitrosep

VITROSEP Glass Particle Separator.
Separador de Partículas de Vidrio VITROSEP.

The particles generated in the grinding of glass produce loss of efficiency in the diamond tools clogging of tools and machine downtime. Centrifugation and settling systems do not eliminate them completely. These technologies use flocculants and require big maintenance. VITROSEP makes glass particle separators based on filtration providing water with such a quality it can be used in the spindles of the CNC machines. Operation is fully automatic and running costs very small. The system keeps the particles in suspension. This characteristic together with an appropriate design of the collection and distribution of the water in which VITROSEP can help makes not necessary cleaning and manual removal of glass fines in the grinding machines


6th December 2016

Trends in new technology and design

GPD 25th Anniversary logo

The Glass Performance Days (GPD) is an independent forum dedicated to the development of the global glass industry through education. This is achieved by holding conferences in different countries. Currently the main conference takes place every two years in Finland (where GPD also holds workshops and a glass exhibition). In 2016 GPD will land in the Caribbean Region with GPD CUBA in conjunction with CUBA GLASS which will be held on 6th and 7th December in Havana.

Over the years GPD has organized countless smaller local events to share the latest knowledge with local specialists who cannot attend the main GPD event in Finland. These events are a great way to inform and educate industry leaders and designers alike as to what the most recent advances in glass technology can offer. These events are also a great way for professionals from around the world to meet and talk business with local specialists.

Cuba is starting to open up to modernization and development in its economical and industrial system and this process also includes the glass sector. Glass is certain to be at the forefront of Cuba’s development and with this a great deal can be done to modernize and recreate this beautiful country. CUBA GLASS is the first international event that allows you to help renew revolutionize and invest in the island but also gives you the opportunity of enjoying this experience with your customers from North and South America. Cuba’s wonderful scenery and climate are an outstanding addition to this cooperative event. We guarantee that you and your clients will return from the event informed inspired and relaxed.

GPD CUBA is your opportunity to enter a new market strengthen your brand and your relationship with your clients in South and North America as a whole while making a good impression through your educational presentation. Moreover it may be your last chance to experience Cuba before the changes which modernization could bring.

GPD Cuba Leaflet

Click on “Register” -> “Checkout” and duly fill in the form.
Once you receive confirmation by e-mail please print the ticket (attached pdf) and bring it with you to the event reception to attend both the GPD conference and Cuba Glass.
Registration is a requirement for attendance.
The ticket is valid for 1 person for both days of the event.

Please be informed that you need to check with the Embassy of Cuba in your country if you need a tourist visa and health insurance to enter Cuba.

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GPD Cuba Sponsors

A + W Software
Platinum Sponsor
Platinum Sponsor
Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Turomas Tecnocat
Platinum Sponsor
Silver Sponsor



Provisional Programme

6th December 2016 - La Corona A conference room

09.45 - 10.00
Welcome Address
Discurso de bienvenida

Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba

10.00 - 10.45
Doing business in Cuba
Oportunidades de negocio en Cuba

Celia Labora - Cámara de Comercio de Cuba / Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba

10.45 - 11.00
Twenty years of business in Cuba: guidelines and opportunities for the future of this country
20 Anos de experiencia en Cuba: reglas y oportunidades en un pais en marcha hacia el futuro

Nicola Cecchi - Abogado - Asesor de Estrategia / Lawyer - Cuba Strategy Advisor

11.30 - 11.45

11.15 - 11.45
Architectural Glass in emerging economies
El vidrio arquitectónico en las economías emergentes

Keith Boswell - SOM - Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP

Maintaining local indigenous architectural character and sense of place with the need to provide new construction to provide contemporary buildings is a delicate balance. This is a challenge facing many of the emerging economies around the world. Delivering new buildings that are harmonious with legacy buildings requires design sensitivity. Examples of projects are presented that utilize architectural glass resulting in design that is modern classic and timeless.

11.45 - 12.15
Worldwide Glass Market and Trends – Executive Summary from GPD 2015
Mercado y tendencias del vidrio en el mundo - Resumen del GPD 2015

Jorma Vitkala - Glass Performance Days

The Chairman of the Glass Performance Days Organizing Committee Jorma Vitkala analyzes glass industry developments and trends by reviewing the state-of-the-art as reflected by the GPD 2015 Conference. In addressing the future challenges facing glass design construction and glass industry solutions Jorma Vitkala makes broad-based use of the 140 presentations of the conference and proceedings in a special Executive Summary of the highlights of the GPD in June 2015. The GPD has developed into the hub of the international glass industry as the leading forum for the presentations of innovations new technologies new industrial practices and above all energy-efficient solutions in the service of construction design and interior decorating applications. The total number of addresses at the interactive conference sessions and workshops was around 140.

12.15 - 12.50
Technical approaches for glass storage loading and cutting efficiency as the core processes in any glass transforming facility
Enfoques técnicos para el almacenamiento de vidrio la carga y la eficiencia de corte como los procesos básicos en cualquier empresa transformadora de vidrio

Javier Ríos - Turomas-Tecnocat

All facts from designing the correct plant layout to choosing the right machinery or software picking out the right glass format… they all may dramatically affect our processing time. The storage and cutting area are the core of any glass transforming facility as they must be able to feed all subsequent processes in time to prevent production bottlenecks. Through our presentation we will try to identify and analyze the key factors to take into account for a well-planned and future-proof processing facility focusing on the storage and cutting areas. A special emphasis will be done on one of the key factors: the transportation of glass from the storage area to the cutting table where automation and integration with the ERP are basic to boost productivity quality and safety.

12.50 - 13.30
Light lunch

13.30 - 13.55
The importance of an integrated software ERP solution in the glass processing industry.
La importancia de una solución integrada de software ERP en la industria de procesamiento del vidrio

Horst Mertes - Fenetech Inc

A completely integrated software ERP solution in a modern glass processing plant is essential to achieve complete automation. Only by closing the gaps between machinery and software and by eliminating island solutions an efficient flow can be achieved. Complete automation is making factories smarter and requires constant innovation which is the process of making something better by use of new original ideas mainly in software technology. Through that new form of automation software control systems are applied to reduce labor increase raw material usage and improve quality by repeatable work methods. This process is changing the landscape of manufacturing. Modern and fully integrated software solutions furthermore coordinate the activity of the islands of automation created by the many talented machinery and system vendors. By deeply integrating and inter-connecting machinery and software in a factory a complete view of materials status of all processes can be available to anyone at any time.

13.55 - 14.30
The future of efficiency: Industry 4.0
El futuro de la eficiencia: Industria 4.0

Luis Javier Plá Benitez - A+W Software GmbH

Prices for glass products are dropping products are becoming more complex delivery times shorter. Having the right information for you and your customers as well as efficient organization and control of processes at the company determines whether a company can succeed in the long term on the market.
A+W Clarity assists and informs you about all relevant processes at your flat glass company.

14.30 - 14.50
Economical aspects of the grinding water treatments in the glass industry
Aspectos económicos de los tratamientos de aguas residuales en la industria del vidrio

Josep Sais - Vitrosep S.L.

In the glass grinding processes water is used for the cooling of the diamond tools and the transport of the particles. A proper treatment of it is mandatory not only to preserve the natural environment but also to reduce costs and to be competitive in the market. A good knowledge of what these savings are and what is the best way to make the separation of the glass fines from the water is an asset the glass fabricators must have

14.50 - 15.25
Towards higher quality and energy efficiency. the latest development in glass heat treatment solutions
Hacia una mejor calidad y eficiencia energética. Los últimos desarrollos de soluciones de tratamiento térmico del vidrio

Tbd - Glaston Finland Oy

Glass business is facing more global competition today than ever before. This means that all glass processors local or global need to prepare themselves for global competition. This presentation sets the framework for global quality and energy efficiency requirements for heat-treated glass. First this presentation goes through the current heat-treated glass quality requirements and gives practical quality requirements for façade glazing. Reaching the quality requirements is becoming even more challenging as the buildings are made to more energy efficient. From façade point of view this means new high-performing coatings and integrated intelligent glass solutions that change the way glass can be heat-treated and the requirements set for the glass. This presentation will also cover the latest technologies used to meet the growing quality demands globally in and neighboring countries of Azerbaijan. We will also paint the future for growing quality requirements and how glass processors can prepare themselves for the future requirements.

15.25 - 15.45
Solar reflectivity of construction materials
La reflectividad solar de los materiales de construcción

W. Nicolás Esquivel Guzmán - CDC-Curtain Wall Design & Consulting Inc.

This presentation addresses solar control technologies modeling tools and building orientation. Learning objectives include identification of basic characteristics solar reflection and variables involved in sun-tracking and solar glare; use of solar reflectivity knowledge in designing a building and how to reduce the risks caused by solar glare.

15.45 - 16.15
Coffee Break

16.15 - 16.45
The liquid crystal window technology
La tecnología de cristal líquido en las ventanas

Helmut Hohenstein - Merck KGaA

Liquid crystals (LC) are not only highly suitable for use in displays. Merck is developing smart windows which thanks to liquid crystals can regulate the amount of sunlight entering a building or create private atmosphere

Liquid crystals (LC) are not only highly suitable for use in displays. Merck is developing smart windows which thanks to liquid crystals can regulate the amount of sunlight entering a building or create private atmosphere

16.45 - 17.15
Insulating glass efficient processing and the overall benefits of the finished product
Vidrio aislante procesamiento eficiente y beneficios generales del producto terminado

Juan Camilo Martinez - Lisec Austria GmbH

Constant changes to the glass industry implementation of strict standards more complex products short lead times... are some of the aspects that we note influence our markets. Today to make a “Hit” is not enough to simply implement adequate practices; there must be a combination of factors that together lead to efficient processes and quality products. Today the market offers a great deal of Low emissivity (Low-e) coatings and to take the best out such products we must integrate them into a Process that will advantage of its features. Insulating glass units (IGU) offer an efficient solution with an outcome of not only audio insolation but greatly contributing to energy saving.

Liquid crystals (LC) are not only highly suitable for use in displays. Merck is developing smart windows which thanks to liquid crystals can regulate the amount of sunlight entering a building or create private atmosphere

17.15 - 17.30

Simultaneous translation provided in English and Spanish.
Places for attendees are limited (max 100)

Interested in speaking at the conference?

The Venue

Meliá Cohiba

Holiday Inn Logo  Meliá Cohiba

Avenida Paseo entre 1a y 3a Vedado Havana - Cuba

Boasting spectacular views over the city and the seafront the 22-storey Meliá Cohiba offers comfort and elegance in keeping with its 5 star status. Located in the central business district of Vedado the most modern area of downtown Havana and just 50 meters from the famous Malecon esplanade (Avenida del Maceo) the hotel is a metropolitan landmark for business and conventions.

Exterior of Meliá Cohiba

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