The Glass Industry Event for the Caucasus and Caspian Sea Region


1 - 2 March 2016 Baku Azerbaijan





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The Event



At the heart of the Caucasus and Caspian Sea Region area with 50 million inhabitants resource and mineral rich Azerbaijan is a democratic republic of over 10 million people with a per-capita GDP of 12,500 US dollars. The Caspian Sea oil and gas fields are some of the largest in the world and the country also has significant deposits of precious metals including gold and silver. In recent years Azerbaijan has experienced strong growth. In 2014 growth was 5% while for the next three years (2015 -2017) it is forecast at between 3.6% and 5%.

BAKU GLASS 2016: for the first time international experts solution providers product suppliers professionals and decision makers from the glass manufacturing and processing industries of the Caucasus had the chance to meet in the main city of Azerbaijan for a two-day event exclusively dedicated to doing business and discussing the latest technical advances in the glass sector. As well as being the seat of government Baku is the largest city on the Caspian Sea and stands at the heart of a vast region on the border between Europe and Asia with around 50 million people.

Opportunities at a glance

  • Business meetings with local professionals
  • Visits to local glassworks
  • Speech at workshops and presentations
  • Visitor data available to all participating companies
  • Dedicated meeting rooms for private business meetings
  • Promotion of your brand through sponsorship opportunities
Conference podium

Exhibitor company profile - Suppliers of equipment and materials


  • Raw materials for glass production
  • Preparation of raw materials and batches
  • Glass melting technology
  • Forming for hollow glass
  • Forming for flat glass
  • Forming for fiber glass
  • Equipment for glass tube production
  • Equipment for glass fiber production
  • Furnace lehr kiln technology
  • Cold end technology for hollow glass
  • Cold end technology for float glass laminated glass wired glass and other types of flat glass
  • Pyrolitic coating systems for flat glass
  • Coating technology for hollow glass
  • Conveying transport packaging and warehouse technology


  • Cutting breaking and snapping
  • Drilling
  • Edge and surface finishing
  • Forming and bending
  • Laser technology
  • Coating
  • Electronic display glass
  • Insulation glass
  • Safety glass
  • Cleaning
  • Auxiliary products
  • Recycling
  • Suppliers for the glass machinery industry
  • Nanotechnology


  • Commercial glass and curtain wall products systems hardware & related components
  • Equipment for glass and metal fabrication
  • Residential glass products systems & related components
  • Residential window & door products systems hardware & related components
  • Supplies (abrasives cleaning products lubricants) & tools
  • Equipment for residential window & door manufacturing
  • Equipment for commercial fenestration glazing installation
  • Software


  • Solar glass
  • Photovoltaic production
  • Solar technology
  • Building integrated photovoltaic (BiPV)


  • Glazing tools
  • Cutting grinding and drilling tools
  • Handling tools hand-guided
  • Spare parts
  • Protection devices
  • Work clothing
  • Lifting and working platforms
  • Brackets for glass applications
  • Adhesives
  • Extrusion
  • Consumables
  • LED technology


  • Measurement and testing
  • Sensing
  • Computer systems
  • Software and applications


  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Test institutes
  • Research institutes
  • Architects & designers
  • Project engineering
  • Main contractors
  • Associations and organisations
  • Specialized media
  • Trading companies


Baku Glass 2016 lightweight formula avoids a heavy commitment in time or money for stand set-up and offers defined transparent pricing from the outset.

The package includes:

Contact desk

Furnished area with name board and 2 roll-ups

Company presentations and Workshops

A dedicated conference room with AV and IT facilities is available for participants wishing to make company presentations in English or Russian to visitors and the press including workshops.

List of registered visitors available to all participating companies

Shortly after the event all participants at BAKU GLASS 2016 will receive the complete list of registered visitors in an excel file with their company data (see visiting ⇛ registration).

Website and catalogue entries

Company profile in the official catalogue distributed to all participants and dedicated page on the event website

Sponsorship opportunities

BAKU GLASS 2016 offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to enhance company's presence: visitor lanyards and badges newsletters posters and banners event catalogue coffee areas etc.

Contact desks area

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Entry to the event including conferences and workshops is free of charge for all registered business and professional visitors.

Event opening hours

Tuesday 1st March 9.30 - 18.00

Wednesday 2nd March 9.30 - 17.00

Visitor Profile

  • Owner / Chairman
  • Managing director / CEO
  • Plant / factory director
  • Technical director
  • Production director
  • Purchasing department
  • Technicians / engineers
  • Production department
  • R&D department
  • Test & inspection department
  • Sales & marketing manager
  • Finance and accounting manager
  • IT department
  • Logistics handling and storage department
  • Repair and maintenance department
  • Education & training department
Event visitors

Visitors from outside Azerbaijan may need to apply for a visa.

Republic of Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry » Visa information

Company Workshop Programme

1st March – Istanbul Room


Chairman: Mauri Saksala

10.30 – 10.45 Buhler Leybold Optics

Industrial solutions for functional coating deposition to glass

Swiss company Buhler AG with its business unit Leybold Optics – pioneer in vacuum technology – introduces innovative industrial solutions for deposition of energy-saving sun-protective and other functional coatings to glass factories and window-makers; also batch-type machines for multi-layer coating of precision optics components ophthalmic lenses.

10.50 – 11.05 Schiatti Angelo

Schiatti Angelo Srl - focus on the present ready for the future

Since 1950 Schiatti Angelo Srl has manufactured machines for glass processing. The experience gained in more than 65 years of activity and more than 17,000 completed machines including straight and double edgers straight bevellers automatic arrising machines drillers and glass loaders/unloaders make us an ideal partner for companies large and small both nationally and internationally.

11.10 – 11.25 Neptun

New production trends: modular cnc units

Neptun presents the alternative to the traditional multifunctional centers. The innovative division of the work phases into CNC units which are independent from each other but completely integrated in the production flow allows you to reach new targets in efficiency and production costs.

11.30 – 11.45 Ayrox & Softeco

Surface stress measurement using the GASP polarimeter

Instrument presentation; Working principles; Application fields; Models and variants; Benefits and limitations

11.50 – 12.05 Bottero

Bottero - Uniqueness in Glass / Flat – Hollow – Float

Since 1957 the year of its foundation Bottero has specialised in the production of glass working machinery and is one of the world’s largest equipment manufacturers in three sectors: flat glass hollow glass and special equipment. Bottero’s continuous attention to detail and comprehensive range of products provides for its customers every need. From float glass lines to cutting tables with a wide range of automatic loading options pre-processing and processing high volume laminated lines and high speed bottle manufacturing machinery.

12.10 – 12.25 Bystronic Glass

Bystronic glass – Future oriented systems for processing of architectural and automotive glass

Bystronic Glass will present an overview about the latest machinery for the manufacturing of insulating glass handling equipment and for the pre-processing of automotive glass. Bystronic Glass supports customers onsite with its own sales and service companies worldwide

12.30 - 12.45 Sparklike

Sparklike Ltd showcases innovative laser technology to measure insulating glass non-invasively

Sparklike workshop discusses the latest developments in gas fill measurement. Sparklike the developer of the world's first non-invasive gas analyzer for insulating glass introduced recently a revolutionary laser technology to analyze gas concentration. Non-invasive technologies allow manufacturers to deliver tested IGU without ever having to break the units.


Chairman: Alexander Orlov

14.30 – 14.45 Olivotto OGT

OGT latest generation tableware machines

Olivotto Glass Technologies is the World Leader in the supply of machinery and production technologies for hollow glass from gob feeding to the entrance of lehrs for the production of any type of glass. Technologies products and services coming from the best know-how of OLIVOTTO ANTAS LYNCH and LINDNER

14.50 – 15.05 Emmeti & Sipac

Emmeti and Sipac together in Park Cam success

PARK CAM has proved to be the most successful brand new glass factory ever built over the past 3 years. Today the factory runs two furnaces for a total capacity of about 1000 tons per day at an efficiency of a good 90%. Each workshop is equipped with state of the art equipment where Emmeti and Sipac have played their role by delivering the most automated cold end lines each capable of handling up to 700 bpm without human intervention.

15.10 – 15.25 Iris Inspection Machines

Innovative tools in hollow glass vision inspection

Thanks to non-contact inspection solutions and innovative software for image processing IRIS Inspection machines is the leader in camera inspection. The EVOLUTION range of machines developed by IRIS inspect each bottle at 360° in high resolution. The in-house electronic and software developments allow to control difficult zones such as engravings or finish thread. This makes the EVOLUTION machines unique by giving glassmakers the best plant efficiency.

15.30 – 15.45 ZIPPE Industrieanlagen

Modern Batch Preparation Technology

Development and construction of batch and cullet systems – ZIPPE batch plants ensure that batch is fed fully automatically into the furnace with the exact consistency and homogeneity needed 24 hours a day every day. From design manufacturing installation up to commissioning of plants – all out of one hand.

15.50 – 16.05 LWN Lufttechnik

Effect of optimal selection of the operating point of the mold cooling fan on energy savings and production speed during production of container glass

With the constantly growing costs of energy and increasing requirements for speed and accuracy of production every factor that may improve production and bring savings is important. Thus the aim of these studies was the optimization of the whole process of the mold cooling on IS machines.

16.10 – 16.25 Colorobbia

From raw materials to glass engineering

Glass Engineering & Contracting is a new division of Colorobbia Consulting of the Colorobbia group dedicated to the supply of integrated services. Thanks to the wide experience and expertise acquired in raw materials in glass industry the GE&C Division aims at providing knowhow in R&D design realization and supplying technical services in the main industries of flat glass hollow glass glass ceramics and technical glasses as well as skilled contracting services necessary to these types of production. The Colorobbia group is specialized in the production and distribution of raw materials and half‐finished products for ceramic and glass industry. The head office is in Sovigliana Vinci (Firenze) with 28 companies and more than 2000 employees in 18 countries.

16.30 – 16.45 HORN Glass Industries

HORN Glass Industries – Innovation engineered in Germany

With more than 125 year experience in glass melting HORN has a wide range of experience in the design manufacture and supply of different furnace types for production of lighting ware tableware containers cast glass float glass solar glass and technical glassware.


1st March 2016

An update on the Art of Modern Glass Construction

Logo GPD Baku

The popularity of glass construction is strongly on the rise. Glass offers spectacular design options advanced materials top-notch energy-efficiency inspiring day-lighting and first class safety. GPD Baku 2016 presents the accumulated findings and recommendations of the world's leading glass specialists from the GPD Conference now in its 25th year. Special focus is placed on the aspects of quality energy efficiency new product innovations glass processing and safety.

GPD Leaflet: English | Russian

13.30 - 13.50 Welcome Address

Michelsson Christer Finnish Ambassador to Azerbaijan

Giampaolo Cutillo Italian Ambassador to Azerbaijan

13.50 - 14.20 Welcome and Executive Summary of Global Glass Industry Trends of 2015

Jorma Vitkala Chairman Glass Performance Days


The Chairman of the Glass Performance Days Organizing Committee Jorma Vitkala analyzes glass industry developments and trends by reviewing the state-of-the-art as reflected by the GPD 2015 Conference. In addressing the future challenges facing glass design construction and glass industry solutions Jorma Vitkala makes broad-based use of the 140 presentations of the conference and proceedings in a special Executive Summary of the highlights of the GPD in June 2015. The GPD has developed into the hub of the international glass industry as the leading forum for the presentations of innovations new technologies new industrial practices and above all energy-efficient solutions in the service of construction design and interior decorating applications. The total number of addresses at the interactive conference sessions and workshops was around 140 and total expert attendance numbered 550.

14.20 - 14.50 Baku Hub - a fresh point of departure

Johann Sischka Waagner – Biro


14.50 - 15.20 Building the Opus - Case study and history of a double curved glazed Dubai project

Agnes Koltay Koltay Façades

The Opus project was initiated in 2006 with a futuristic 3D vision that exceed the limits of commonly used technologies. Commissioned by Omniyat Zaha Hadid Architects developed a design resembling a cube with the core melted out. The 20 story building,- originally offices later changed to mixed used- situated in Business Bay Dubai UAE is fully glazed. The outer flat facades are neutral transparent glazed with silver mirror pattern while the core area is dark blue 3D formed glazing. To achieve this vision several glass processing technologies were studied selected specified – and some abandoned after further studies. Challenges included achieving the 3D double curved shape achieving the color achieving adequate performance for Dubai climate dealing with the radiation focusing effect the geometry imposes ensure seamless visual appearance among different support systems – roof wall soffit- procure special materials in sufficient quantities in reasonable time and keeping the project affordable. Being involved from the beginning and acting as façade consultant to achieve expected project handover by the end of 2015 the presentation will give a summary of the project’s technical development.

15.20 - 15.50 Towards Higher Quality and Energy Efficiency. The latest development in glass heat treatment solutions

Miika Äppelqvist Glaston Finland Oy

Glass business is facing more global competition today than ever before. This means that all glass processors local or global need to prepare themselves for global competition. This presentation sets the framework for global quality and energy efficiency requirements for heat-treated glass. First this presentation goes through the current heat-treated glass quality requirements and gives practical quality requirements for façade glazing. Reaching the quality requirements is becoming even more challenging as the buildings are made to more energy efficient. From façade point of view this means new high-performing coatings and integrated intelligent glass solutions that change the way glass can be heat-treated and the requirements set for the glass. This presentation will also cover the latest technologies used to meet the growing quality demands globally in and neighboring countries of Azerbaijan. We will also paint the future for growing quality requirements and how glass processors can prepare themselves for the future requirements.


16.20 - 16.40 Expectations of Architecture from Glass and Şişecam Flat Glass New products

Ekin Safkan Şişecam Flat Glass


What are the expectations of architecture from glass? With the latest architectural trends glass area on the buildings are expanding to create more transparent buildings with increasing safety requirements. The green building certification systems require buildings with natural light maximum heat and solar control. We are the one’s who are creating solutions for architectural glass. 80 Years of Experience Innovative Approach 21.000 Employees... We are Şişecam... Şişecam Group is the leader in Business lines encompassing all areas of glass production including Flat Glass Glassware Glass Packaging and Chemicals. Our large range of products for architecture; offers architects unlimited creativity; about insulation decoration safety and security. We are producing valuable products which enhance people’s lives and environment. As a global manufacturer we are providing solutions to the majör needs and challanges of our times now and in the future.

16.40 - 17.00 Technologies for Non-Invasive Measurement of Gas Fill for Insulating Glass

Miikkael Niemi Sparklike Ltd.


Sparklike workshop discusses the advantages of gas fill for thermal performance and the latest developments in gas fill measurement. Sparklike is the developer of the world's first non-invasive gas analyzer for insulating glass. Non-invasive technologies allow manufacturers to deliver tested IGU without ever having to break the units.

17.00 - 17.20 The rise in laminated glass – Adding safety and durability to modern design

Miika Äppelqvist Glaston Finland Oy


Lamination only recently has really started to gain momentum in global perspective. This growth has been fueled by three main factors: safety more creative architecture designs and the increasing use of glass as a structural element. Regulations are becoming stricter requiring glass providers to move forward to safer building solutions. Modern architectural designs are calling for more complex glazing solutions. Coated glass screen printing multilayer lamination is increasingly finding its way into today’s architecture. Lamination is now presenting a business opportunity to glass processors world-wide. However with all the ongoing trends there are many things to consider when thinking of entering the laminating business. This presentation goes through some of the major trends in lamination and their impact in selecting right processing technology.

17.20 - 17.45 Basic theory of tempering

Jorma Vitkala Glaston Finland Oy


This presentation is intended as a brief into the state-of-the-art in the glass tempering theory and specially tempering of Low-E glass. The trend of architectural glass towards larger and larger sizes causes a growing need for glass processors related to large sizes and coated products. The balancing of process efficiency and economy with quality is a central issue for limiting or eliminating roller wave end curving and frame effects. Views on end and edge curving and its effects on the quality aspects of laminated glass are also briefly discussed.

Simultaneous interpretation provided in English and Russian. Places for attendees are limited (max 100).

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Koltay Façades
Waagner Biro

The Glass Performance Days (GPD) is an independent forum dedicated to the development of the global glass industry through education. This is done by holding conferences in different countries. Currently the conferences take place bi-annually in Finland (where GPD also holds workshops and a glass exhibition) India and Brazil every two years and in China every year. In 2016 GPD will land in Azerbaijan with GPD BAKU.

GPD 25th Anniversary logo

Outstanding success factors

The success factors of the Glass Performance Days are obvious. When experts get together to talk business at a focused event ideas are born shared and debated. They are also discussed by very knowledgeable people with practical experience and high level vision; as a result they become real industry applications much more quickly than would otherwise occur. With today's rapid pace of change this has created distinct competitive advantages for those who take part.

GPD is not only about exchanging information on what is known today: it also sows the seeds for tomorrow. With a history spanning more than two decades the GPD conferences can claim to have laid part of the foundations on which the industry stands today.

The Venue

Holiday Inn Baku

Holiday Inn Logo  Holiday Inn Baku

For preferential rates please send an e-mail to using the key words "Baku Glass 2016"

Holiday Inn Baku is situated at the heart of the city's main business and leisure district close to Port Baku Shopping and Entertainment Centre. Holiday Inn Baku features 223 guest rooms and suites with breathtaking views over the Caspian Sea and the bustling City of Baku. BAKU GLASS 2016 will be held in the Grand Ballroom and Foyer which can accommodate up to 500 delegates and will also make use of the conference and meeting rooms on the same floor.

Exterior of Holiday Inn Baku


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