Vitrosep presents latest in monitoring technology at Glasstec

Once again VITROSEP is exhibiting at Glasstec, this year presenting VITROSEP Edge, the newest version of its tanks.

With this new line, VITROSEP solutions for the treatment of grinding waters will be possible in glass factories with limited available space. The new system, designed for simplicity and resistance and the lowest used area, recalls somewhat the shape of the old glass particle separators which VITROSEP customers who installed their system years ago will remember.
VITROSEP is for Industry 4.0 too. VITROBOX is an accessory suitable for old and new separators. VITROBOX monitors system performance by means of cameras and by checking functional parameters. It works like a plane “black box” collecting and storing information from the VITROSEP Separator. This information can be accessed remotely for problem solving and system optimisation.
The VITROSEP glass particle separation systems, still more compact and with a higher degree of automation, perform an efficient separation of the glass particles from the water generating a dry waste. The quality of the water in the outlet of the separation unit makes it suitable for the spindle of the CNC machines.