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Vision Systems presents SPD-Smart dimmable windows and cabin partitions

At the recent edition of EBACE in Switzerland, Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart Noctis windows and partitions were used in the Eurocopter mock-up of its EC175, offering complete control of daylight entering the cabin, instantly transforming the look of the interior at the touch of a button, and synergistically complementing other cabin systems.

Helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter featured Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart Noctis windows and a partition in the mock-up of its EC175 helicopter at the recently-held EBACE 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland.
Eurocopter’s mock-up provided a first-hand, must-see experience of the EC175’s elegant interior, with Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart Noctis window and partition products that offer complete control of daylight entering the cabin, instantly transform the look of the interior at the touch of a button, and synergistically complement other cabin systems for an unequalled passenger experience.
SPD-Smart electronically dimmable windows and partitions offer instant and precise light-control at all levels to provide aircraft OEMs and operators with a solar protection solution that enhances comfort and improves fuel efficiency. Shades or blinds can be eliminated because they provide on-demand blackout solar protection and complete privacy. Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart products offer integrated electronics and a control panel directly on the aesthetically attractive window reveal.
Vision Systems supplied the EC175 mock-up with two large SPD-Smart Noctis windows and an SPD-Smart Noctis interior partition.
Vision Systems also supplies the cabin management system (CMS) and additional systems including in-flight entertainment and WiFi access. The CMS controls the SPD-Smart Noctis products to optimally manage the amount of daylight in the EC175 mock-up’s interior. This ensures that passengers travel with the utmost comfort, productivity and control over their cabin environment.
The SPD-Smart Noctis products on the EC175 mock-up were large – each was more than 6 square feet. SPD-Smart dimmable windows switch instantly regardless of the size, offering immediate on-demand satisfaction to passengers and crew. Conversely, electrochromic (EC) windows are slow to switch, and the speed degrades as the window size increases. Using EC technology, a window the size of those used on the EC175 would take over ten minutes to switch. Also, EC technology cannot provide an adequate aircraft cabin darkness level, while Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart Noctis can achieve blackout levels of light-blocking.

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