VANISH™ Windshield Repair System Available Now

After 10 years in development, GT Tools® is releasing DarkCure™ Technology into the windshield repair industry

Welcome to the Future of Windshield Repair. Boasting the Patented DarkCure™ sub 15-second fully integrated UV curing system, Patent-Pending SpeedLock™ multi-position injector and OneTouch™ Air Release Valve, as well as industry-leading vacuum/pressure capacity, the VANISH™ windshield repair system represents a quantum leap forward in repair technology.

After 10 years shrouded in top-secret development, GT Tools® is releasing the DarkCure™ Technology platform into the world. A radical breakthrough in the windshield repair industry; Ultra-High Intensity, Short Duration UV LED curing penetrates deeply into any repair from all sides, cutting cure times by 90 percent and improving cure strength even after the system is turned off.

Vanish is available online at or through any of GT Tools Authorized Distributors as a full system and as an injector/bridge assembly with integrated curing system.

Watch a video on the new technology here: