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Tvitec supplies architectural glass for new Château Margaux winery

The new Château Margaux winery, designed by Lord Norman Foster, uses 30 tons of high quality extra-clear glass in double-glazing for both exterior and interior design, processed by the Castilian and Leonese company, Tvitec.

Château Margaux is one of the most legendary and prestigious wineries in the world for its respect for tradition and for the high quality of its production process. In 200 years the estate in the Bordeaux region (France) has hardly altered. And so when the winery decided for new winemaking facilities for its selected vintages, they contacted Lord Norman Foster. The intervention of the British architect in this building has brought together to the most renowned and specialized firms for an optimal result.
In this context, the Castilian and Leonese company, Tvitec, a European leader in the transformation of architectural glass, processed and completed the supply of 30 tons of special products distributed over a glazed area of 600 sq.m. inside and outside the cellar which Foster & Partners designed.
For this iconic work, Tvitec allocated mainly double-glazing with low-iron and extra-high quality glass, both for exceptional vision in all areas, as well as to meet the strict criteria of insulation and sustainability in construction. Extra-clear glass is low in iron oxides and allows to achieve the ultra-clear tone that creates luminosity and ensures sought-after aesthetic features.
Tvitec also processed very specific tempered glass with polished edges for the cellar area of this project, where the maximum safety was requested.
The new Château Margaux project for winemaking and laboratory analysis is configured as a kind of flexible container with a sloping roof supported by tree-like pillars and illuminated by skylights. The glass complemented the interior design and the great and simple elegance furnishing supplied by Empty, another Spanish company specialized in interior design, and in which materials such as wood and steel are combined.
In the field of the singular works, apart from large façades and enclosures, now Tvitec is involved in projects related to firms such as Swarovsky and in the H & M flagship store in Rome, among other works. Tvitec exported 65% of its production of architectural glass in 2014, whose total turnover reached EUR 60 million, 37% more than 2013.

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