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Thinking big: large-scale ideas from NOVAVETRO and INTERMAC

When it comes to the manufacture of outsized glass panes, NOVAVETRO and INTERMAC products display a perfect blend of technological specialisation at its best. For more on the collective intelligence of these two winning companies, Glass Technology International spoke to Novavetro CEO Samuele Lucentini.

With forty years of experience within the glass sector, Lucentini’s company has 30.000 square metres which span three production plants as well as a highly-specialised team that consistently provides optimum quality. Founded in 1979, Novavetro is now a leader in the transformation and marketing of flat glass. Having always directed much attention to its local area, the company produces large-scale structural façades, partition walls, flooring, staircases, parapets, coverings and lifts – each combining the most complex needs in practicality with both design solutions and a strong visual impact. Not only. It’s thanks to the flexibility of the company’s production systems, coupled with the use of ground-breaking machinery, that performance of its operations upon glass sheets can yield dimensions of up to 10 by 3.30 metres – all to supply products that are best tailored to customer needs.

Looking back to jump ahead
Says Lucentini: ‘Novavetro was initially set up by my father who, back in the 60s, managed a hardware store that also sold glass.” He went on to explain that the springboard to his company’s expansion came with the establishment in 1979 of its first real production site in what’s now an industrial area of Italy’s San Severino Marche. “Transforming and selling flat, special, oversized glass sheets is what we’re all about,” continues Lucentini. “Our customers are mainly glassworks. They order these products of such elevated quality precisely because it takes our specialised machinery -all advanced in technology and with lines included- to produce such extra-large sheets. This makes us a leader at European level. Each finished product has its own notable characteristics, the first being transparency. Indeed, no artificial lighting can match the natural light flooding into a building, house or room. That’s exactly what affords glass its peculiar character to enhance its applications and so create that unique something we enjoy as a transparent wall.”
Technologies used within the company are linked to the glass transformation process and every resulting application, from safety glass, noise-proof glass, heat and sound insulation glass to walkable glass, glass coverings, doors, parapets, lifts and entire façades to name just a few.

Partnering for greater excellence
Novavetro’s glass machining experience comes as a perfect fit with Intermac technologies and it’s thanks to this collaboration that the company’s been able to create a unique and highly-specialised technological system. This has boosted production quality notably while constituting a guarantee for the company’s future. Says Lucentini: “We purchased our first Intermac machine -a Master machining centre- back in 1995. It was followed by other machining centres, double-sided machines and cutting benches which, together, constitute a complete cutting and grinding line.”
Intermac came up with a specific layout for configuration of the Novavetro factory – all made to measure and based upon needs dictated by the production process. This results in job orders handled with difficulty in the past that are now managed problem-free. As Lucentini continues: “We immediately saw that the line was unique and precise. It really simplified production, enabling the glass to be ground, bored and tempered within the integrated line created, and without any sheet unloading and reloading.” Indeed it’s thanks to this system that Novavetro’s been able to carry through one of its most challenging projects, namely curved, shaped glass roofs for two shopping centres.
“We were able to establish an important collaboration with Intermac that saw a production line being created that used our ideas and their system-producing ability – all in a truly special and unique joint achievement. That winning relationship with Intermac had us adapting the system from a building layout situation to one that was actually very complex – given that two buildings at varying heights needed to be connected. Essentially that necessitated a project tailored down to the last centimetre to ensure that all the machines would fit to have properly processed glass.”

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