Steklarstvo Frlan chooses a Mappi furnace

Mappi talks with Steklarstvo Frlan

Mappi talks with Steklarstvo Frlan, a company based in Slovenia,about their 30 years of experience in glass processing.

Matej Frlan said, “Our goal is to adapt extremely quickly to the needs of the market. This includes the choice to equip ourselves with a new tempering furnace. We chose Mappi ATS 4.0.”

Why did you choose this Mappi fornace?
“For us was the most important the quality of tempering and the energy consumption. About the quality we were convinced when we visited two companies with Mappi furnaces. For energy consumption we made a comparison with other furnaces and saw the difference.”
Energy consumption is a strong point of every Mappi furnace, due to an optimization of process, exclusive software solutions and great attention for control of temperature and isolation.

What do you expect from this new furnace?
“We expect more work and new clients. Now we can do safety glass in one day. Because of the quality and lower price, we could do some bigger projects.”

Having better machines has changed your approach to work?
“Surely, thanks to this new furnace, thanks to Mappi’s support, we are sure that the future of Steklarstvo Frlan will be even better”

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