Standards Australia: changes to windscreen standards

Standards Australia has released the revised version of AS2080:2019 Safety Glazing for Land Vehicles

The glazing of windscreens on land vehicles is the focus of the revised standard. The revision aims to promote confidence within the auto glazing industry and by doing so, increase the trust of consumers in the sector.

“With 19.5 million registered vehicles in Australia as of 2019, the reach of this revised standard cannot be understated,” said Head of Stakeholder Engagement at Standards Australia, Daniel Chidgey. “The revision aims to promote awareness across the industry of the agreed requirements around windscreens, which in turn will hopefully continue to build the confidence of road users.”

This revision of AS 2080:2019 specifies methods of testing for windscreens and other glazing for power-driven land vehicles. Changes aim to establish testing requirements, throughout the design and manufacturing processes, that will help ensure the integrity of the material.

“The changes aim to increase public confidence in the Australian auto glass replacement industry,” said Rick Janssen Chair of the Standards Australia ME-055 Technical Committee that reviewed the standard. “It will assist both in providing clarity to auto glaziers around meeting the standard requirements and establishing a common language in defining quality and safety criteria.”

The standard suggests material used is adequately resistant to incidents that may occur in normal driving conditions, and to atmospheric and temperature conditions, chemical action, combustion and abrasion.

“Using consistent language to build confidence in the auto-glazing industry is an important outcome. From manufacturers to the general public, this revision aims to assist in increasing certainty across the board. With significant support from the industry this a project we are incredibly proud to have helped deliver,” concluded Mr. Chidgey.