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Simulate multipane windows in triple glazing with Thermobar Interbar

Thermobar Interbar has been developed by Thermoseal’s innovation centre with a bespoke engineering plastic, offering a superior thermal efficiency than traditional aluminium systems and complementing its existing Thermobarand Thermoflex Warm Edge product ranges.

Interbar, a rectangular profile bar with accompanying centre and edge keys, is used to construct a framework to be integrated within an insulated glass (IG) sealed unit. This interbar framework, encapsulated within an IG unit and with a Surface Mount Georgian barplaced on the surface of the glass, gives the aesthetic of two spacer bars having been placed back-to-back and simulates traditional multipane windows.
Thermobar Interbar is available in black, grey and white and fittings are colour-matched. Sizes include 11.5mm x 18mm and 15.5mm x 18mm.
Thermobar Duplex System
The look of multipane windows can also be simulated using Thermoseal Group’s Thermobar Duplex system, differing to the Interbar in that its specially designed keys make use of standard Thermobar spacer bar.
Thermobar Duplex keys (centres and edges) are available in black, grey or neutral  to suit stock colours of Thermobar (black, grey and white). Sizes include 15mm and 18mm, with a choice of 7.5mm, 9.5mm, 11.5mm or 15.5mm width to suit the chosen spacer size.
The Complete Thermobar Range
Thermobar Warm Edge products have a Bundesverband Flachglas thermal conductivity value of 0.14W/mK and achieve a Passive Houserating of phA for arctic climates (phA+ with hot melt secondary sealant).
The Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer range includes:  Thermobar spacer tubes in black, grey and white; bespoke colour-matched Corner Keys in compatible sizes; Flexi Keys; Straight Connectors; Gas Corner Keys (with and without hole); Gas Collars and Plugs; Thermobar Interbar and Fittings; Duplex fittings.

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