PG&O and SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® Success Story

Precision Glass & Optics has teamed with SCHOTT to provide a new Optical Mirrors white paper and instructional video on the unique glass substrate, BOROFLOAT 33.

PG&O, a U.S.-based optics company, selected BOROFLOAT glass for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX) mirrors project at Texas A&M and University of Texas, Austin. The telescope was designed to measure dark energy in outer space.

According to Dan Bukaty, Jr., president of PG&O, “BOROFLOAT was a great choice because of its low thermal expansion characteristics, excellent optical properties, and its relatively low cost, when compared to other optical materials. Specifications for optical mirrors are extremely demanding because even slight deviations can have a significant impact on the outcome of specific performance. The specialty optical mirrors used in the 150 spectrographs of the Visible Integral Field Replicable Unit Spectrographs (VIRUS) unit were carefully fabricated and coated in our Southern California facility. It was an exciting application for PG&O, and happily, a very successful project.”

For over 30 years PG&O has offered affordable, high-volume precision optics, assemblies and custom optical solutions for a wide variety of industries. With a 72” state-of-the-art coating chamber and a large, in-house glass substrates inventory, PG&O also provides quick turnaround on a wide array of flats, prisms, and beamsplitters. Applications include astronomy, medical, display, imaging, projection, defense, aerospace, scanning, and industrial instrumentation.