NorthGlass: satisfaction is the only reason for repeated purchase

The repeated purchase rate, as the repurchase rate, refers to the number of repeated purchases of a product or service of the same company, the higher the repeated purchase rate, the higher the consumer loyalty to the brand

NorthGlass is surrounded by many loyal customers, and in recent years, KIBING Group, XINYI Group, FLAT Group and other well-known enterprises have ordered more than 60 new NorthGlass tempering furnaces.

Well-known enterprises of the sanitary-ware manufacturing industry, such as JOMOO, ARROW, HEGII, LENS, ROSERY and other enterprises, after inspecting a number of tempering furnaces, decided to buy NorthGlass products, thanks to the robust technology, timely after-sales service and excellent product quality.

Mr. Jiang, from an enterprise in Zhejiang province, purchased three NorthGlass tempering furnaces in March. Mr. Jiang said that in the past two or three years, he has been discussing the plan of his new factory. He had inspected a lot of NorthGlass equipment on their sites, and saw how even the quality of nearly 20 year old equipment in Zhejiang Province was very good. He chose to believe NorthGlass, and hopes the cooperation can make the best local products.
Increasing brand loyalty directly drives the sales growth of NorthGlass. The total number of domestic orders of tempering furnaces has exceeded 150 by May 31.

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