NorthGlass continuously builds the automation glass factory

NorthGlass has invested more than 20 million RMB in 18 years to develop factory automation

At the end of 2018 the glass storage pre-treatment line independently developed by Shanghai North Glass Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was ordered by a customer in Fujian. The pre-treatment line is equipped with a shuttle glass storage system, a cutting machine, two grinding lines and the gMES system independently developed by NorthGlass. The application of this pre-treatment line improves production efficiency, reduces management problems and saves labour costs.

At the beginning of 2019, a NorthGlass automation sharding system was ordered by a world-renowned enterprise. The system is equipped with two sets of NorthGlass glass storage systems, a cutting machine, Y-Axis & X-Axis automatic glass slicing, robot automatic falling frame and the gMES system independently developed by NorthGlass.
After the adoption of the NorthGlass automatic glass sharding system, work injuries, falling-off errors and product defects totally disappeared. Operators only need to input a processing task list to start the whole process of unmanned operation. In this way, a NorthGlass automatic glass sharding line perfectly replaces the original processing mode.
Since the establishment of Shanghai North Glass Automation Technology Co. Ltd., more than 20 glass storage pre-treatment line systems have been sold worldwide. Constantly improving its automation technology, NorthGlass has been praised by its customers for its superior service.