Nathan Allan provides architectural glass design for Louis Vuitton

Nathan Allan has supplied glass panels incorporating the Louis Vuitton logo

Louis Vuitton’s flagship store in Beijing, China, is wrapped with a unique, one of a kind, Architectural Glass design, which reflects the high quality products which LV provides.

Nathan Allan has provided 32 large, functional, architectural glass panels for Louis Vuitton’s flagship store in Beijing, China, all with a detailed design incorporating the Louis Vuitton logo, created with protruding 3D surface shapes, and accented with brilliant crystals throughout.
The large, functional, Architectural Glass panels (up to 6.0×11.6, 1,800mm x 3,505mm), are safety tempered, which in itself was a most difficult process.
Permasteelisa China, received and installed all 32 panels, which were air freighted in complete safety.