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Movetro: The most up-to-date technological systems on the market

Movetro specialises in automatic plants for the handling and storage of glass sheets. Well-established expertise and considerable experience are at the basis of the company history, which started with the construction of simple sheets storage, and today can offer the most up-to-date technological systems on the market.


Movetro became part of the Glass Division of Intermac in 2017, a move that has further enhanced, strengthened and expanded the Group’s product range, which now includes classifiers and shuttle machines from Movetro.
Movetro’s product range is made up of:

  • Overhead loading devices
  • Overhead loading devices with tilters
  • Advanced dynamic storage for flexible production

The CAM single-beam and CAB twin-beam overhead loading devices are automatic solutions for the handling and overhead loading of single sheets. These are designed for those looking not only for space saving, safety and automation, but also top production flexibility, given that they can load several cutting lines simultaneously.

Telescopic loading devices
Movetro offers a wide choice of single-direction or twin-direction telescopic loading devices for loading regular, jumbo or extra-jumbo sheets. The supervisor software shows the magazine situation in real time and receives the instructions for loading, moving and returning sheets in an entirely automatic manner thanks to its integration with the cutting line optimiser.
The same information can be shared with the material provisioning office.

Automatic classifiers
Movetro automatic classifiers are storage areas that are the perfect solution for those wanting to gain more space on their business premises, ensuring safe and highly automated handling operations.
Ready for automatic loading – opening with a single movement Automatic and technological storage entirely managed and moved from a single command console with a touchscreen panel where the operator only needs to key in the number of the required element in order to have it available for loading or unloading operations.

Swift Shuttle
The automatic Movetro Swift Shuttle is the most compact solution for the integration of automatic loading with cutting systems, introducing the new ‘3-piece line’ concept.
Swift Shuttle is the latest addition to the range of integrated magazine solutions for cutting lines. This is the ideal technology for storing and handling jumbo and regular glass sheets, purposely designed to provide a higher number of cutting references in a very compact space.

Production context
Inserting the Swift Shuttle in a production context, the advantages can be seen straight away:

  • Footprint reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater safety

The design and construction modularity of Movetro shuttle systems ensures that customers can arrange their own storage to suit their production and logistics needs, always keeping abreast of company evolution as the systems can be expanded at any time after installation.

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