Mappi and Stratoglass: a longtime partnership in glass

Stratoglass installs a second Mappi furnace, an ATS 4.0 1800x4200 to further expand their growth

Stratoglass Factory

Stratoglass has a long history of producing quality glass in Lombardy and in northern Italy. For more than 30 years they have experienced a deliberate and constant growth fostered and managed methodically by two brothers and two sisters, all directly involved in the company.
The collaboration relationship between Stratoglass and Mappi began in 2009 with the purchase of an ATS 2200×4200, the furnace that allowed the company to deepen its specialization in the production of high-performance insulating glass, armoured, tempered and stratified glass. Stratoglass has demonstrated how it is possible to create a virtual cycle that links products of excellence to increasingly important orders and growth.

Right, Patrizia Bau, with Nancy Mammaro from Mappi, left

Asked about the reasons for this success Patrizia Bau said, “Certainly, the will and commitment were fundamental, but even more the ability to adapt to market changes, to innovate and to invest constantly. Without this there is no future .” Patrizia continued, “We are fortunate to know the market in several aspects, linked to our production, which includes both construction and refrigeration and furnishing. In every field there is an ever-increasing complexity of requests, in terms of design, shapes but also technical features, colours. In more than a few cases there is a real partnership with the architect and the designer, who has very clear ideas about what he wants and expects us to be able to achieve it. “

“One thing we notice is that customers are increasingly aware that glass is an investment, and that it must be done accurately, bearing in mind quality, reliability and energy savings. The improvement of the standards is a path that does not stop. For example, if today 3 millimetre glass is a standard of excellence, it is likely that as soon as possible we will be asked to work thicknesses of 2 millimetres.”

Stratoglass work for the Dubai Station

A second Mappi furnace, an ATS 4.0 1800×4200, has been active in Stratoglass for the past few months.

Stratoglass team with Nancy Mammaro from Mappi

Patrizia explained about this choice: “The first thing we can say about Mappi is that whenever it is needed it is here and is committed to solving every problem, which fortunately rarely happens. But it is important to know that you can count on a ready and safe support.

“Today around 99 percent of our production turns around the hardening furnace, if we could not count on reliability and constant quality it would be a serious problem. We were thinking just a few days ago about the fact that even two furnaces begin to be close to us in order to satisfy customer requests. It goes without saying that sooner or later we will find ourselves saying, ‘there is no two without three.’

“Moreover in Mappi we found a way of working that is also ours, the constant will to progress, to anticipate the evolution of the market, not to be satisfied. In this the new ATS 4.0 is an irreplaceable resource, a furnace that brings us a step forward in the future.“