LiSEC & Shandong Yaohua: Austrian quality enriches Chinese insulating glass market

Glass processor Shandong Yaohua has shown the highest confidence in the quality of LiSec's offering, both by investing in a LiSEC TPA line from Austria, but also by presenting several types of insulating glass units at their stand during the China Glass trade fair in Shanghai, which were produced with LiSEC machines

Shandong Yaohua was founded in 1985 and is an international high-tech company in the field of glass processing. It has been one of the top 30 glass processing companies in China for many years and is an intelligent manufacturer and supplier of high quality construction glass. The Chinese manufacturer, which has a workforce of 350 employees, exports Yaohua glass to more than 100 countries worldwide and pays special attention to the very highest quality, both in glass processing machines and end products, in order to remain competitive on the Chinese market. The company relies on Austrian quality to satisfy the highest insulating glass standards. The company’s rising export rate has led to new investments, such as a LiSEC TPA line.

About Shandong Yaohua
Shandong Yaohua generates an annual turnover of around USD 60 million and the company’s core business comprises three main product categories. It processes ESG, double- and triple-layer insulating glass, which is based on low-E glass and delivers low radiation and energy savings. Furthermore, Shandong Yaohua manufactures a variety of laminated and toughened glass for export as well as  jumbo-size glass in thicknesses of 15 and 19 millimetres, which consist of multi-layer laminated glass. The manufacturer also offers a wide range of deep-processed glass, including fireproof glass, screen-printed glass, heat-resistant glass, bullet-proof glass and CNC glass.

Shandong Yaohua impresses with a daily production capacity of 20,000 square metres thanks to automated processes. The total production capacity during a year breaks down as follows: 1.2 million square metres of insulating glass, 1.5 million square metres of laminated glass and 4 million square metres of tempered glass.

The company’s product quality has reached top international levels and it is proud to boast numerous certifications including ISO 9001 certification, national safety glass certification (3C certification) and certification for energy-saving products. In addition, the Australian Standard Certification, the European Union Standard Certification, the SGCC Certification of the United States and IGCC Certification for North America are of major importance for the company’s exports.

Shandong Yaohua & LiSEC: A close customer relationship leads to mutual success
For the managing director Chenglun Lin, LiSEC is the ideal partner who is always promptly available to deal with any concerns and impresses with machines and software of the highest quality. As a globally active company, LiSEC is familiar with the various requirements of the individual countries and supplies products that precisely correspond to specific needs.

Furthermore, LiSEC possesses extensive knowledge of the glass processing industry. Chenglun Lin regularly talks in particular with Qiao Chi (LiSEC Head of Hub Region COS) about trends and quality aspects in the insulating glass sector and discusses possible solutions. The managing director is also a member of the Chinese Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, in which LiSEC is recognised as a top insulating glass equipment manufacturer.

The extensive trust that the Chinese company has in LiSEC was also evident at the China Glass trade fair in Shanghai. Shandong Yaohua Glass proudly presented special types of insulating glass units at the trade fair stand, which were produced with LiSEC machines.

“The quality of our products is our top priority,” said Chenglun Lin from Shandong Yaohua Glass. “To deliver top quality, you also need top machines – and we have these from LiSEC, the number one in the field of machines for insulating glass production.”

Only last year, Shandong Yaohua Glass invested in a new LiSEC TPA line. The CEO was particularly impressed by the speed of the LiSEC assembly team; thanks to the efficient work, the line delivered in December could go into operation in March.

First-class shapes thanks to LiSEC TPA line in use at Shandong Yaohua
After visiting a reference customer and conducting internal research on insulating glass lines on the market, Shandong Yaohua Glass quickly decided in favour of a LiSEC TPA line from Austria due to the technical details and the extensive possibilities for shape production.

The LiSEC TPA-Line, which is now in use at the production site in Jinan, is used to produce insulating glass units up to 4 by 3 metres in size. The line consists of various components that enable efficient insulating glass production: The AKL-A30 edge deletion system has automatic coating detection to ensure precise edge processing. The VHW-F30/V6 automatic washing and drying machine ensures that the glass lites sheets are thoroughly cleaned before further processing. The RSVN-35/30S frame mounting station with inspection station makes it possible to check the glass for impurities and glass defects to ensure that only flawless high-quality insulating glass units are assembled.

With the LiSEC TPA-A33, stepless width adjustment makes it possible to switch between different thermoplastic spacer widths without any waiting time, thereby saving valuable time. The high-end gas filling press AGP-A40/30 is suitable for a wide range of applications – such as rigid, flexible and thermoplastic spacers – thanks to its individual configuration options, and impresses with the highest precision.

The VFL-1F40/30 ensures a perfect insulating glass unit seal and impresses with unbeatable corner quality, even for insulating glass units with a high weight. Thanks to the efficient data management of the line, the precise sensor technology and the high-quality mechanical parts, the LiSEC systems are particularly well suited for processing shapes. Another important aspect is the optimum glass transport along the entire line, which contributes to the ideal processing of shapes.

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