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Intermac is the Biesse Group division that manufactures and markets machines and systems for glass second machining intended for furniture, construction and automotive sectors. Founded in Pesaro by Giancarlo Selci in 1987, it quickly reached a position of world leadership. They are famous for the reliability of their machines and the high quality finish that they are able to guarantee.

The majority of the brand’s manufacturing activities take place at the Intermac plants in Pesaro, where the company’s production area spans around 30,000 square metres, employing more than 300.
Following the acquisition of Movetro in 2017, Intermac expanded in the sector dedicated to machining flat glass.
Intermac and Movetro glass machining technologies incorporate the key concepts of Industry 4.0, propelling their customers towards the era of digital manufacturing.
The glass division of the Group is now characterized by an extra high-value consulting approach and have completed the previous range offered, with classifiers, shuttle magazines, automatic loaders, loaders and tilters.

From its launch in 1987, Intermac’s success has always remained linked to the name of ‘Master’, their legendary range of work centres.
In 2016, a new generation of these machines was launched. This soon reaffirmed the leadership of Intermac for years to come in the glass and stone processing technology sectors. The idea behind the ‘Master’ workcenter was to place the operator at the focus when designing the machine, and therefore guarantee an increase of comfort and technology.

A range of processing centres form a powerful tool designed to meet the machine operator’s needs, to minimise time-wasting operations and maximise productivity.

  • Maximum machining flexibility, thanks to the wide choice of optional features.
  • Interface built into the CAD-CAM parametric, so that all the operations can be carried out from within a single work environment.
  • High degree of integration with the water jet cutting systems – Intermac Primus.

The Aqua series is the Intermac range of washing machines, which can be fully integrated with vertical machining centres, enabling processed glass to be washed and dried to the highest standards. Aqua guarantees extreme cleaning, eliminating all impurities accumulated during machine operations carried out on glass sheets.
It prepares these perfectly for subsequent processing operations.

Robust and reliable
Down to the very last detail, Aqua is designed to last. The technical characteristics and finishing of the machine are synonymous with quality and pioneering technology.
The machine structure is entirely made of stainless steel and the brushes orm a single assembly to ensure optimum glass cleaning results.

Sustainable technology
Technology that reduces the need for maintenance for manufacturing firms. This is achieved thanks to the high quality standards of the materials used, as well as the ‘Eco Save’ system, which limits energy consumption by switching off the main motors when the machine is in standby.

High productivity
An automatic adjustment system, which enables Aqua to handle glass sheets with thicknesses of up to 32mm and can be interconnected with other machines in the same line, allowing the processing speed and the machine opening to be managed in accordance with the thickness of the sheet of glass in question.
High-capacity independent water tanks for each washing section reduce the need to change water frequently. Aqua washers can work on three shifts, with glass feed speeds up to 7 metres. It is also possible to arrange the processing direction, from right to left and from left to right.

Easy, safe setting
When designing the Aqua Series range, Intermac also considered optimising setting times and safe procedures for the operator.
The glass thickness is measured automatically, thanks to the ‘infeed’ sensors, and a handy touch screen, which allows to alter the washing temperature or adjust the working speed and washable thickness to a millimetre degree of precision.
The Aqua range stands out for long-lasting robustness, reliability and excellent results – key strengths and features that confirm its technological quality. Last, but not least, the Aqua range is fully integrable with Vertmax vertical machining centres.

Vertical technology that is compact and flexible.
With its new vertical technology, Intermac confirms its leadership in the development of glass machining technology. The One range offers unique, compact solutions that are high performing, accessible and user-friendly.
Vertmax One is designed and developed to meet the needs of companies of any size. From small glasswork companies that want to see their production evolve technologically with limited investment, to large-scale factories producing articles in a quicker and more flexible way, with lower costs.

High performance with a modest investment
Doors, shower enclosures, balustrades, interior/exterior furnishings, large windows with oversized glass sheets: Vertmax One adapts perfectly to any production need, and can machine sheets measuring up to 3000x1500mm.
Vertmax One technology stands out for its excellent productivity and its machining speed. This machine allows every machining operation, from glossy and rough grinding to quick dull. The machine obtains the best results because of the use of twin power, with HSD electro spindles, and the milling and grinding of both notches and openings in the inner part of the glass.

Perfect quality, thanks to the pilot system
Top machining quality is guaranteed by the Pilot System, designed to ensure flawless polishing during vertical machining and minimising vibrations and maintaining perfect centring during operations on the edges, even when far away from the suction cup hold area.
This system can even work sharp internal radii, thanks to the compact new design of the front head.
With its ‘zero set-up’ time technology, Vertmax One guarantees quick automatic tooling, as it can carry out all the machining operations needed to create a product without the operator having to worry about the preparation of the work table.

Key word: productivity
Vertmax One has two independent carriages, with two suction cups for each one. This fully automatic technology optimises the grip on the glass regardless of its size, geometries and machining. Additionally, it makes the machine unique in terms of both productivity and flexibility and it can process every type of glass in batch one.
Thanks to the automatic repositioning of the carriages, even the most complex machining operations can be carried out without having to ever unload the glass from the machine and then reload it.
The process is entirely managed via the intelligence of the IC software, giving Vertmax ONE an exceptional advantage when it comes to simplicity.
IC is the new Intermac software based on the iCam experience and characterised by a modern interface, extremely easy to use and with optimised calculation power, offering unbeatable programming functions and flexibility.
Last but not least, Vertmax One can be fully integrated with Intermac’s Aqua vertical washers: the two technologies are complementary and together ensure line certification in keeping with the EC regulations.

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