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IDROTECNICA: Simplicity of use, innovation and specialisation

Idrotecnica has the fresh and open approach typical of a start-up, with constant improvement solutions and new targets, but with the feature of a solid and already structured company. This is the approach of the company, present in the glass industry from more than 30 years, which allows it to look back at the past with satisfaction, continuing with new projects which confirm a more than positive vision of future years.

Idrotecnica realizes systems and equipment to produce demineralised water, in addition to providing support and consultancy in washing sections of washing machines.
Idrotecnica, in fact, represents the reference point to identify and install the most suitable demineralising systems for glass washing machines.
The company has been present in the glass industry from more than 30 years, constantly updating its devices and machinery, while studying new technologies according to the needs and the ever-higher parameters requested in this sector.

The ECC-control system, a system to manage water changeover in washing machine tanks, integrated only with newly-built water demineralisers, allows to ensure the correct water quality for the best washing, while, at the same time, ensuring optimised and intelligent water consumption.
Different solutions are provided according to the washing machine circuit to meet individual needs, maintaining the plug-and-play approach. The recent models: IR225St-VP and IR300St-VP, are the response to the current needs for washing machines with important operating conditions. They have an average flow rate of medium flow water (in the range of 200-300 l/h) but with components and technical solutions of larger models, allowing intensive use.
These new models complement those already known and widespread in the glass sector, expanding and enhancing the range even further.
The use of a specific internal pressurisation system is highlighted by analysing the technical aspects: allowing reduced maintenance and making the demineraliser even more silent.

Simplicity of use, innovation, specialisation in the application sectors, and at the basis of everything, responsibility; these are the essential characteristics of Idrotecnica’s plants and devices for demineralised and pure water production.
Idrotecnica is, as always, aware that each installed device produces pure water for an important and sophisticated production process. Therefore, every day for the past 30 years, the company’s attention has been based on designing and creating extremely simple, strong and reliable devices and machines.
Simplicity of use, because Idrotecnica equipment is a utility for systems, and not the main system to which operators pay their primary attention and, therefore, their installation and operation must be simple and intuitive.
Innovation, because new technologies make everyday life increasingly simple, with new horizons and possibilities. Idrotecnica’s devices, apply and develop new techniques to better meet and anticipate market needs, according to the company’s technical philosophy.
Specialisation in the application sectors. Idrotecnica is always present in the application sectors, not only for system supply. In this way, thanks to its knowledge of water treatment and that of the application sectors, Idrotecnica represents the ideal supplier and partner to identify and install the most suitable systems.
Really and truly ‘born in the basement at home’, Idrotecnica has grown gradually and solidly thanks to the previously described characteristics, always appropriate to the period, to the growing and importance of the company itself and to that of its customers.
From the approach of the early times, followed by the spontaneous creation of a structured company, maintaining attention to the care of its equipment and to services provided; the growth and organisation of the company allow to satisfy the increasingly high and particular needs of its customers with excellence.

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