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HEGLA: professional glass-industry vehicles for service calls

Delivering windows, structural elements, and glass always poses a challenge for an installation and logistics team. It could be the weight, the oversize format or even the number of items involved that makes a delivery from the company premises to the construction site a complex task.

Vans converted into glass-industry vehicles provide optimal loading positions, a high degree of flexibility, and easy load securing options. On the one hand, an attachment like this makes it easier for employees to get their work done quickly and routinely – even with alternating teams. On the other hand, the vehicle also contributes to making a good first impression when visiting customers or simply driving through town.

The easily removable variant can be attached and removed in no time at all, allowing you to use the vehicle for personal trips, carry out care and maintenance, or mount the rack on a different vehicle instead

Exterior rack as standard service vehicle equipment
“Exterior racks are fitted as standard on delivery vehicles that are used for the delivery and installation of glass, structural elements and other extra-large items,” said Hans-Peter Löhner, Managing Director of HEGLA Fahrzeugbau. “They make it possible to handle everyday transport tasks professionally and properly.”

The rack is perfectly adapted to the vehicle for maximum loading options

Racks mounted on the outside of commercial vehicles are easily accessible and the load can be positioned without having to shift grip. The load can be secured using the user-friendly and height-adjustable slat bars. They are fixed in the lower and upper hole pattern and provide the necessary security – even for elements that extend above the top of the vehicle. At one of the three HEGLA locations in Germany, an exterior rack is precisely adapted to the vehicle, which means it can offer maximum loading space. The aluminium construction is fully welded, torsion-resistant, and designed for long-term use.

The rack is precisely adjusted to the vehicle to maximise the loading area; height-adjustable rack bars also make it possible to transport and secure extra-large items that extend above the top of the vehicle

More flexibility with a removable exterior rack

A tool cabinet system keeps everything in the back of the vehicle organised and tidy

Exterior racks are also available in a quick-release version. Within just ten minutes, the rack can be attached to or removed from the vehicle for even greater flexibility when the situation requires – for example, for vehicle maintenance or personal trips without the attachment. Further, racks in this design are also available for flexible use on several delivery vehicles or for changing tasks.

To create additional storage space, exterior racks are almost always ordered in combination with roof racks. This makes it possible to stow a ladder or extra-long installation materials safely and save space in the process. Access steps built into the rack make it easier to reach the roof, while an optional ladder roller simplifies handling.

Professional and optimally protected in-vehicle transport
If you regularly transport high-value goods that require extra protection, such as mirrors shower walls and front doors, Hans-Peter Löhner recommends installing an interior rack. This not only protects them from environmental influences in the rear of the vehicle, but also increase the number of loading positions. Interior racks make it possible to distribute cut glass pieces, IG units, and windows among the various interior and exterior positions as each job requires, so you can access them all easily without having to move the rest around. The interior rack version with folding horizontal support delivers exceptional flexibility. When folded up, virtually all of the loading space is available.

The most user-friendly and ergonomic variant for loading and unloading is the pull-out interior rack. The glass is placed on the rack at body height and then it can be easily pushed into the rear of the vehicle without having to climb inside.

Pull-out interior racks enable you to load glass at body height, making protected in-vehicle transport even more user-friendly

Tool cabinet system for the best overview and a good impression
To make a perfect, well-organised impression with your customers, Hans-Peter Löhner recommends installing a tool cabinet system. ‘Everything has a place of its own, you have a clear overview of all materials, and you can demonstrate to customers that you are well-organised,’ said Löhner.

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