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GMS: new transport and storage solution

GMS is partnering with Deltarack with regards to flat pack glass racking solutions, which are strong, durable and safety tested, and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes.

GMS has announced a new exclusive distribution partnership with Deltarack transport & handling solutions, the manufacturer of the only flat pack glass racking solution.
The flat packed racks themselves can be transported with up to 60 complete assemblies delivered on a standard euro pallet, resulting in huge savings in transportation costs. The racks are strong, durable and safety tested, and can easily handle 1,000-kilo loads.
The racking systems can be assembled in less than 5 minutes and are very simple to construct. They are manufactured from quality 18mm birch plywood, bonded together with waterproof glue making them a strong and durable alternative to the other costly solutions available. There are a range of different sizes and configurations, each having the option to either be simply lifted by a pallet truck/forklift or to have castor wheels fitted. The racks can also be fitted to a Deltarack trolley which are extremely beneficial during site works.
One of the many unique selling points is that all the uprights and support bars are interchangeable so once you have switched over to the system you can create your own configurations. All racks can have customers own logo’s printed on to them which makes the racks easily identifiable, This means that they are far more likely to be returned or collected back by the sender allowing for further cost savings. Finally there is also an Eco series available in one fixed size which can be used when shipping finished goods out to end users. This means that suppliers can reduce their losses when racks are not returned.

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