Glaston’s website – for an enhanced customer experience

Valuable information, online services and a strong visual identity are the guiding principles for Glaston’s website.

The renewed website that was launched last year has now been upgraded with several language versions. A better customer experience is a leading theme for Glaston’s website.
“On, we want to offer information with a real value to our customers and also provide online services that help both our current and future customers. As of February this year information is available in six languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Finnish,” says Mari Lehtinen, Marketing Manager at Glaston.
Among the new features, the site contains the Advisor, which helps visitors to find the right solutions for their various business needs. Advice is available on machines, upgrades, services, spare parts and tools. In addition to general information, the Advisor provides tips for increased line performance, information on new glass processing lines, and helps with parts, tools and services for existing equipment.
Along with the new Advisor, visitors can benefit from the comprehensive content of Glastory (, which provides insights and analysis on glass, business and the future of glass processing, with the aim of supporting customers and other website visitors in their businesses.
Special attention has been paid on an easy and direct contact with Glaston. The Contact section includes information on all Glaston sales and service representatives. For those looking for online help, the chat service is an option.
Glaston’s online services are introduced in the GlastOnline section. The Parts & Tools Arenas welcome customers to a new era of online spare parts & tools services, available 24/7. The Parts Arena is serving customers with Glaston heat treatment machinery and the Tools Arena serves all companies with any pre-processing machinery.
Glaston Insight platform takes a firm step into the future by offering a journey towards digitalising customers’ heat treatment businesses. With these new smart technologies Glaston machinery can now be interconnected with its operators, site managers, and business owners, regardless of their location. If there is an online connection, machinery performance, product output, maintenance and more, it can all be monitored, with reports forwarded on to any nominated individual at any site.
The voice of Glaston’s customers is well heard in the form of around 40 customer stories presented in the References section. “We have customer cases from all continents and this is a section that we are very proud of. A summary of each case is available on the site and the full story can be downloaded as a PDF. We want to listen and share the experiences of our customers and will be continuing to provide new and interesting stories in the future, too,” explains Mari Lehtinen.