Glasstech Mexico – flat and hollow glass on show

Glasstech Mexico 2019 opens 11-13 June and will be held at Centro Citibanamex Mexico City, Mexico.

Glasstech Mexico is the professional Glass Technology EXPO in Mexico. The event focuses on not only flat glass but also hollow container glass. The marketing target is not only Mexico, but the entire Latin America. It is the perfect platform where glass and door and window industries can communicate, and the worldwide suppliers and Latin America buyers can meet.

Companies see Mexico as an excellent opportunity in the glass industry because Mexico plays a very important role in the glass industry and is one of the main exporters of this material among the countries of Latin America. Mexico has gained this important role thanks to its different competitive advantages, including its geographical position.

It is an enviable position for many glass producers and distributors, having in the north the United States and it is in third position in the world export table of glass products, it is also a great door for export to South America.

It has a wide variety of business partners around the world, and this is also a great advantage. The country’s main partners are in countries such as the U.S., Canada and China, but its products reach all continents, with a large presence on the European continent including countries such as Germany and France.

In conclusion, Mexico is a country that, undoubtedly, should be in the spotlight of all companies in the glass industry because of its great potential in the local and international environment and its strong relations with the countries that are world powers and leaders of the industry.

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Visitors registering online before 28 February will get a free entry pass.