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FORVET: Automation first and foremost

Since 1990, Forvet has been designing, developing and manufacturing special machines for processing flat glass, with the highest technological approach. The company addresses its offer to a very demanding and evolved market segment.

The range of solutions Forvet offers includes numerically controlled installations
for drilling, countersinking, milling and grinding operations, as well as all the management of the glass plate from cutting to shipping.
The company aims at innovation, product quality and service. Year after year, Forvet commits to applying new ideas and consolidating its role as technological innovator in order to serve the high-level market.

Forvet’s team prioritizes the real demands of the glass industry, to create proposals such as the optimization of the glass flow and the implementation of sorting systems with new concepts, ideas and solutions.
In an economic situation such as the one we are experiencing today, having the ability to look ahead while continuing to invest in new solutions represents a courageous strategic choice; at the same time, it fits into the tradition of the company that has always sought innovative solutions, investing tirelessly in strategic areas such as Research and Development.
Forvet encapsulates those values that support and give new life to the global production system:

  • the production of ‘real’ goods, capable of transmitting an important competitive value in order to compete on the various reference markets with appropriate and adequate means;
  • the ability to constantly develop new solutions, to innovate and to constantly lay forward perspective;
  • the positive attitude, which by triggering a virtuous circle, conveys the perception of the possibility of moving forward and succeeding.

At the base of each project, is the weaving of a close relationship with the customer to acquire data and information on their specific needs and to ensure trust and certainty in the completion of any project.

Forvet builds machines for glass processing and provides unique solutions in terms of performance, innovation, technology: the entire production lies on solid bases of knowledge of the different productive processes.
Today, the technological push has declined on the side of process automation, entering the 4.0 industry panorama: automation accelerates production times by opening the way to a higher margin of revenues, also by virtue of a significant reduction in costs.
The handling and management of glass within the production process
is increasingly important, complex and multifaceted, which is in line with the dynamic trends of target markets, such as architecture. Process integrations become protagonists: Forvet’s automated and integrated machines are designed to perform multiple operations whilst simultaneously avoiding glass manipulation between processes.
The Forvet Automation department employs engineers and software experts with consolidated experience in the world of glass: due to this wealth of expertise, the company is able to guarantee the achievement of any project, regardless of size and complexity.
Automation unfolds through the digitalisation of processes, which generates a very important amount of data and information. Once these are implemented with the Company databases, they produce a significant optimisation of all the productive processes, allowing the industrial production unfold toward excellence.

Forvet has recently completed significant corporate restructuring with numerous acquisitions of management personnel, extension of the production spaces of the Volvera plants, implementing the expansion the Research & Development investments.
Forvet’s balanced mix of careful and bold commitment resulted in its latest innovating solution. It will be presented to the market in February 2021, and will testify once again, that passion, enthusiasm and the detailed analysis of the customer’s needs are key points for the success of a company.

Forvet SpA

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