D3 Glass & Mappi: growing up, beyond glass perfection

Mappi is proud to be so close to its customers to be a protagonist of their growth

In the life of a company, there are events that are milestones. In the case of D3 Glass, a Florida-based glass fabricator and tempering facility, two of these milestones are points of contact with Mappi International’s growth path.

Bill Daubmann, Owner and CEO of D3 Glass, said, “In 2012 we purchased an Ats 1800×3000, the tool that allowed us to enter the high quality glass market with force. Today, we have added a Mappi Ats 4.0 2500×5000, state of the art in the tempering of glass, which will be the protagonist of our new 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility.”

In D3 Glass growth is called My Shower Door, the brand the company created for production and direct sales of heavy glass enclosures, including doors, hardware and finishes. This was possible thanks to the production of high quality glass by the company itself, optimizing costs and time.
“We grow but our commitment remains the same. Today, as tomorrow, we believe in a better way, delivering custom glass solutions for people who refuse to compromise quality or price,” added Bill.

Mappi is proud to be so close to its customers to be a protagonist of their growth. It is the best reward for their daily commitment made to innovation, quality and constant attention to customer needs.
For more information about Mappi International and its products: www.mappi.it.