Cold repair of Sangalli Vetro Manfredonia furnace

Manfredonia furnace will be cooled down in December for cold repair as part of a restructuring program aimed to strengthen the group’s industrial position.

In consideration of the continued challenging conditions within the Italian architectural market, Sangalli Group is taking action to reduce its production capacity and output to match the requirements of their customers.
The Manfredonia furnace is approaching the end of its working life and will be cooled down in December 2014. Subsequently, the company has plans for an extensive cold repair.
The action is part of a restructuring program aimed to make the group’s industrial position adequate to and enhance competitiveness within the current market conditions. During the renovation of the Manfredonia furnace  the group will ensure continuity of supply from the Porto Nogaro facility and maintain the group’s position in current core markets.
Located in Monte Sant’Angelo close to the Gargano mountains, the factory has a gross production capability of about 600 tonnes per day equal to roughly 200,000 tonnes per year. The plant produces both clear and coloured float glass.

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