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Ciner Glass is committed to sustainable, high-quality glass production

The Limburg region in Belgium provides Ciner Glass with the perfect environment to realize their vision of sustainable, high-quality glass production. The ideal combination of a rich glass tradition, premium raw materials and strategic location makes it the ideal place for the company expansion. And with the world’s largest beverage brands just around the corner, Ciner Glass can seamlessly serve its European customers.

With almost double the investment amount in 2023 to EUR 1.06 billion, Limburg has proven itself as a top destination for companies like Ciner Glass. This gives Limburg a share of no less than 21.6 percent of the total foreign direct investment in Flanders. While foreign investment is declining all over Europe, Ciner Glass is honoured to be able to contribute to these spectacular figures in Limburg.

Ciner Glass always has an eye on the community and local talent. With the brand-new production site at Lommel, the company will not only create 550 direct jobs but also an additional 500 indirect jobs, strengthening and growing the local community.

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