BUCHER EMHART GLASS: New colour scheme for all forming machines

Bucher Emhart Glass, the leading supplier of machinery
and equipment to the glass container industry, has announced an
all-new colour scheme for its forming machines.

The appearance and colour scheme of a glass forming machine were typically driven by its function, where paint had the function of a protection layer, the look of the equipment was not really considered. Machines were painted typically in grey. Grey inside, grey outside, knowing that a machine will look grey after a period of production anyway.
When glass plants buy an Emhart IS machine today, they are buying into a tradition of excellence and innovation that stretches back for over 100 years. The machines in use today are the direct descendants of the first IS machines created by Hartford-Empire, Emhart’s predecessor, in 1924. Although the underlying method of forming glass into containers was improved in countless ways since, it remains essentially the same appearance.

When Emhart launched the all-electric, all-servo NIS forming machine in 1999, it was decided to send a strong signal that this was the start of a new era. Outstanding in performance and look. The NIS was the first and only machine of its kind: Special in its functional combination of mechanical and servo driven equipment, unique in its performance. This uniqueness was illustrated by its look for each machine delivered, buying an art work from the Swiss artist Andi Lutzi.
Now, Emhart is taking a more inclusive approach, launching technologies with outstanding performance, from glass forming to inspection, as Emhart calls it ‘The End to End Technology’. Every machine is vital to the plant where it is installed, and every customer, no matter where they are or which machine they choose, should feel the same sense of pride, in performance and appearance.
Based on Emhart’s corporate colours of red and white, the new style gives a smart, dynamic look that will enhance any factory floor. The new colour scheme will be included on all new machines from 1 January 2021.
“We are proud of our heritage at Emhart, and we would like our customers to feel part of it too,” says Matthias Kümmerle, Vice President Technology at Bucher Emhart Glass. “With this new appearance, we are making our machines stand out on the shop floor, just as they stand out in the market.”

Bucher Emhart Glass