Bel Pre Glassworks buys a second Mappi furnace

Two is Better Than One. 

Companies that choose a Mappi furnace never go back. As a matter of fact, they buy a second one as soon as possible. This happened with Bel Pre Glassworks, a leader in the flat glass industry since 1974.

In 2012 they chose a Fox 1500 3200 Eco Convection, the compact machine in Mappi’s range of products and a clear example of the new technologies used by the company and of the quality of Mappi’s tempering furnaces, assuring superior glass quality, reduced energy consumption, and minimised downtime due to furnace setup, ignition and shutdown.

In these years, Bel Pre Glassworks has continued its path to excellence, establishing itself as the leader in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area for the production of tempered flat glass, setting the trend in designer glass.

Now Bel Pre has chosen Mappi again to continue its growth: a new ATS 4.0 2500 4200 Xtreme Profile Convection furnace was installed a few meters from the Fox 1500 3200 Eco Convection, which remains in the family.

Let’s hear from Bel Pre Glassworks:
“As a family operated business, we care about our employees and our customers. These are our two main concerns. With that in mind, we always look for ways to improve, to meet the needs of our customers and to remain up to date. We are happy to have Mappi as a partner, not only a supplier, because we have found they share our philosophy and our respect for the customer. Mappi understood our needs and showed us that the most important components of a furnace are not only steel or high-end electronics but the deep knowledge of the tempering process as well as the passion and desire to be constantly improving. Mappi continues to focus on this goal just as we do.”