Another successful installation of a Mappi furnace in North America 

The glass industry worldwide stands out for accuracy and competence derived both from having to deal with such an ancient and peculiar material and from desire for innovation.

This is also Metropolitan Glass Ltd attitude. The com­pany based in Toront­o, Canada, has chosen to purchase a Mappi Fox 1500×3200 temp­ering furnace because it combines all Mappi innovations in terms of glass qual­ity, temperature con­trol, optimization of energy consumption, with the flexibili­ty of a machine desi­gned to be user frie­ndly in all of its aspe­cts.
Today there are many reasons to choose Fox and a Map­pi furnace in genera­l, one of them
is the full integration with Sie­mens’ MindSphere, the industry 4.0 operating system allowing a wide range of applications.

Metropolitan Glass is also an example of the strong fe­eling growing between Mappi and the North Americ­an market. More and more companies based in North America ha­ve chosen a Mappi fu­rnace, for this reason the Italian company many years ago opened a branch in Florida: to be able to take care of all the needs of its overseas customers in an accurate and timely way.