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AGC supplies glass for FOX office sustainable building

FOX Vakanties’ ambition to construct an extremely durable building is taking shape at the 20|20 business park in Hoofddorp, also thanks to AGC, which is supplying the glass for this special project.

Construction of the second office at the 20|20 business park in Hoofddorp is now in progress. AGC, the only Cradle to Cradle (C2C) glass manufacturer in Europe, is supplying the glass for this special project.
The fact that AGC has subsequently been C2C certified was the reason behind project developer Delta’s decision to award the contract to AGC. The C2C certification dovetails perfectly with Park 20|20’s philosophy to continue searching for the most sustainable solutions within the framework of socially responsible enterprise and FOX’s ambition to construct an extremely durable building.
FOX’s wish to see the ‘colours and scents of the world’ reflected in the architecture has resulted in a striking design with colourful glazing by Edward van Dongen of KOW Architecture. AGC is supplying approximately 500 m2 of transparent glazing with a stripe pattern silk-screen printed on it. The stripe pattern is in seven shades of orange on the exterior but on the interior it is covered with a white layer to create a tranquil view from the inside to the outside. Matching sandwich panels have been applied besides the transparent glazing. The remainder of the building includes approximately 700 m2 Stopray Vision 50 solar control glass.
FOX Vakanties is expected to move in the new office in the first quarter of 2012.

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