ADVANCED CONTAINER HANDLING raises the bar for cold-end lines

With the new buzzword #detailsmatter being all the rage now at ADVANCED CONTAINER HANDLING, we learn from CEO Domenico Tarantolo how this connects to the need for new blood in his company.

GMP&A spoke to Tarantolo about the beginnings of Advanced Container Handling, its collaborations and its characterizing vision – focusing upon perspectives, developments and the synergies put in place to face international markets, which is always a mammoth challenge. Of all the questions posed, his answer to that of current and future plans concerning expansion shed light upon growth growth in headquarters staff numbers all within a highly competitive climate which, as he underscored, “begins to need new blood for the pure benefit of the final customer.” It also betokens an increase that extends beyond Italy thanks to an important agreement, still under implementation, to create a commercial and service network within the United States – all based upon competence and an elevated quality of support.

Tarantolo explained how the name Advanced Container Handling (ACH) derives from terminology common to the business – which immediately identifies orientation. Here the story began from the company’s active listening to customer needs, coupled with the kind of first-person interaction that can best ensure service provision and equipment design – all through various tailored solutions and the manufacture of customized systems.
This same orientation was proved recently when ACH took robotic palletization to a new level after presenting an innovative project for Stoelzle that saw it successfully creating and replacing various transport and automation lines after elevating and improving technology levels. That was achieved thanks to cutting-edge solutions – all adopted for the benefit of better, and easier, handling. Specifically, it impacts the processing of those products that require greater care and attention throughout every phase of production to guarantee efficiency, productivity and flexibility.
Working jointly in a winning synergy between ACH engineers and technicians at Stoelzle Group, based in Koflach -who coordinated the work of the various companies involved in the project- every line start-up proceeded according to plan, with the system finished on schedule thanks to the collaboration and efficiency of all the players involved. However, no less importantly for a start-up like ACH, each of the expectations was met, which is hardly a given for a company that entered the market only a year ago.

Says Tarantolo: “Here’s how we stand out as a company: customers know they can count on a direct answer that comes from a genuine passion for the business. As a start-up in Italy, that passion was already part of our DNA at the outset – powered by strong emotions around food, architecture and technology, among other industries. In this area that’s typical – so it could hardly have gone otherwise. It also follows through in the way the company regularly faces any challenge.”
Other distinguishing features of ACH are its knowledge and creativity. Knowledge, in the form of a heightened understanding ranging from operational levels to investment – not just from titles or personal qualifications but gained also first-hand within the field: years of experience, different projects, different countries. As for creativity, all this comes with the innovations we introduce while proposing simple solutions that can drive greater efficiency and an alternative approach to flexibility, together with new ideas for customized handling systems.
It’s coupled with this simplicity that our reflections aim always to be realistic in putting the resources to their best use right from the start – thus resulting in short and long-term benefits all round. Here understanding the needs and having solutions that are both basic and innovative are all in the mix, irrespective of how ambitious the project or how big the deal – with everything executed just the way it should. Such is the key to best meeting customer expectations and arriving at project success.
Finally, Tarantolo was also proud to announce the construction of other plants in both Europe and further afield – two complete lines for the United States in particular. He observed that this would consolidate and concretize the company’s presence within an important, sizeable market considering that, as first step upon American soil, this development was as significant as it was fundamental, given how difficult it is for a company to position and enlarge its footprint without earlier precedent.

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