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XPAR Vision hot end systems for Samkwang Nonsan

Mr. Young-Chan Ji (second from the left) and Mr. Chanrok Oh (fourth from the left) amongst XPAR Vision Consultants/Trainers, Field Service Engineer and Mr. Kim (second from the right), XPAR Visions agent in S-Korea

Xpar Vision has supplied its InfraRed Camera and Gob Weight Control System to Samkwang Nonsan, also training key personnel of the South Korean company.

Samkwang Nonsan (South Korea) has chosen XPAR Vision’s InfraRed Camera and Gob Weight Control System, Kon-hee Han, Managing Director of Samkwang Nonsan, says: “ to improve our efficiency and quality level, and we see this investment as a necessity to maintain our position as leading supplier to the South Korean market.”
Paul Schreuders, CEO of XPAR Vision is very pleased with the new customer: “We are very proud to welcome Samkwang Nonsan as a new customer in the Korean market. In addition, we have two of our technologies exposed to South Korean market. Knowing that the market is transparent, this is a good starting point for new investments to come.”
In the meantime, Samkwang Nonsan staff has been trained at XPAR Vision’s base in Groningen, the Netherlands. Furthermore, the systems have been installed on the production line and an XPAR Vision consultant/trainer has given several on-the-job trainings at the plant.
Last June, Young-Chan Ji and Chanrok Oh have visited the Netherlands for a four-day Staff Training Session. During this session they were introduced to XPAR Vision’s company, staff and technologies. As for most new customers, hot end technology is totally different. Besides instructions about functionalities and technicalities (maintenance and installation) the training includes practical experience and key success factors of the new technologies.
Young-Chan Ji, Production Manager at Samkwang Nonsan: “The training was our first exposure to hot end technologies and thanks to its focus very useful. Besides that, we have encountered many XPAR Vision staff members, from the Management, Research and Development department, Field Service Engineering and Consultancy.”
Following the installation of XPAR Vision IR-D and IGC in July, several on-the-job trainings have been given in the plant, by XPAR Vision consultant/trainer Heinz Joksch. He has been working at XPAR Vision since 2011, after having worked as deputy job change crew leader with Gerresheimer Essen GmbH for more than 26 years: “Due to the language barrier, the first training was quite challenging,” he says. “Now, after two periods of three days on-the-job trainings, I can see that both IR-D and IGC are very well adapted to, despite the many job changes. I believe they are very happy with the results so far.”
“The results so far are good, indeed,” says Young-Chan Ji. “Our quality to customer has improved and our forming process has become more stable, especially with regards to weight. Thanks to the well-developed technology and the strong guidance by the XPAR Vision team, we have managed to achieve good results in a very short time. In the coming weeks we’ll do a formal evaluation and decide on next investments. We believe that our cooperation will grow rapidly.”

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