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WALTEC: Tailor-made technology and innovative machine solutions for sustainable glass production

With over 250 pressing, blowing, spinning, handling, and fire polishing solutions up and running all over the world, Waltec works closely with its customers, taking business to the next level, challenging clients to build together better manufacturing processes which, in turn, contribute to a more sustainable industry footprint.

Waltec is a leading manufacturer of fully automated and electronically controlled production lines – from feeder up to annealing lehr. Over time, Waltec has successfully migrated its in-house designed and manufactured state-of-the-art pressing, blowing, spinning, handling, and fire polishing solutions into more than 250 manufacturing locations around the globe.
Transforming hot-end operations through improved resource efficiency and reduced energy consumption is their key challenge. Waltec’s team of dedicated industry experts is there to make this happen.

Waltec practices the highest standards for health and safety and integrates this into their innovative production lines, components, and services. The company fully recognizes their broader responsibility towards its employees and society and even better, acts accordingly. Long term relationships based on trust and performance form the backbone of its successful long-lasting business model.
Waltec stated: “Sharing our ongoing and exciting innovation path with you and go together the extra mile to create a better forming process is our passion. Our company offers continuous learning and improvement. Apprenticeship and permanent education is part of our DNA. Young people get the chance to develop themselves through an integrated, practical on the job training concept. We believe that only motivated and skilled employees are capable of delivering top performance to our customers.”
“We are creators of innovative glass manufacturing technology, we design sustainable production processes, we build cost-effective production lines and components targeting the optimization of your hot-end process.” Dipl-Ing. Britta Höfer, Waltec owner and managing director.
“Our decisions are guided by the principle that we should empower our people so that they can transfer our world-class technology knowledge into solutions that help our friends in the glass industry to cope with today’s complex challenges.”
The family tradition and heritage safeguards these values across the globe and that’s why Waltec is proudly saying: “reliable by tradition and driven by innovation”.

Creating a better hot-end press-process empowered by the latest available machine, process, and software data technology has inspired the Waltec team to develop a new range of so-called E-SERVO performance components. Transforming and upgrading the sustainability footprint of older in-market press machines is now possible:
1. Lower energy consumption
2. Less cost
3. Higher output
4. Sustainability inside
Waltec presented this innovation to the global glass industry via a special webinar during glasstec virtual.

“Each customer inquiry is, for Waltec, unique and will always be handled by a multi-disciplinary project team of Waltec specialists looking for the best possible solution. Teamplay guarantees the best possible customer satisfaction,” confirms Waltec’s commercial director, Herman Green.

Process optimization and the use of data analytics is nowadays a must to stay ahead of competition. Contemporary software solutions analyzing and optimizing data and efficiencies are embedded in self-engineered artificial intelligence. Waltec delivers tailor-made processes and machine designs to comply with Industry 4.0 standards and even far beyond.

All activities, from design to manufacturing, up to customer delivery, and the start of operations, are executed by a qualified team of experts and specialists. Waltec offers a one-stop customer approach. The risk of third-party failure is eliminated and the highest quality is guaranteed according to the companies management team.

Once in operation, the service team is always there to help. The team operates a 24/7 service model and herewith helping customers around the clock to increase output, reduce downtime and ensure continuity in operations. Recently Waltec successfully started a new innovative service named remote commissioning. This service made it possible to start up a brand new production line in China without the service team had to be on site. Waltec’s operations director, Mr. Rainer Wagner: “Online troubleshooting, as well as direct communication with our service experts, is highly appreciated by all of our customers.“

Waltec carries out game-changing remote commissioning
Waltec has successfully carried out the first remote controlled commissioning and start-up of a new production line in China. The reason for this worldwide premiere in the glass producing industry was the unforeseeable entry restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Mr. Herman Green, commercial director, stated: “The Covid-19 crisis forced us to think and act out of the box and using technology to eliminate traditional business boundaries. Thanks to the major steps forward in digitalization that Waltec has already taken in recent years, we were able to apply now our newest digital solutions to carry out the commissioning in China. The first fully remote-controlled commissioning and start-up of represents a major milestone to Waltec and underlines our innovation driven footprint to realize process optimization.”
Waltec’s operations Director Mr. Rainer Wagner commented: “The remote collaboration between our HQ in Germany and our Chinese customer over thousands of kilometres away was accompanied by communication via video-capable end devices such as body cams, smartphones and laptops with headsets. In this way, the experts at the remote centre of Waltec were able to take the customer’s view without having to be physically on site and so contributing to a lower carbon footprint in general.
The components of the production line are equipped with digital hardware that enables remote access to the machine control system and sensors collecting operating data almost in real time. A first step to go beyond Industry 4.0!”


Waltec Maschinen GmbH

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