Waltec Maschinen to explore the Iranian glass market

Waltec Maschinen will propose its complete package of services

Waltec, following its participation at Baku Glass 2016 and Cuba Glass 2016 has confirmd its presence at Iran Glass, scheduled 8-9 May in Tehran.

Waltec is one of the most important glass-machine manufacturers worldwide. The company has the know-how to offer a complete service: from design to manufacture and assembly, from commissioning to after-sales service.

Waltec has supplied over 500 glass processing in its 115-year history.
The main innovations of WALTEC are:
– the first servo-driven feeder with ball gathering spindle;

– the first direct drive for press tables;
– the first burner tracking system;
– the first linear motor-driven feeder;
– the first high-speed press line, the first servo-electric hydraulic pump in the glass industry;
– the first fully servo-electrically driven press-blow machine;
– pioneering technologies for production lines for high-quality stemware products in the blow-blow process.
Nowadays Waltec supplies fully automatic production lines with PLV/CNC electronic control for tableware, spinning articles, stemware, press-blown articles, blow-blow articles, toughening/tempering, microwave and technical articles, washing machine glasses, cold light reflectors, glass insulators, glass blocks

For more information see www.glassonline.com/site/iranglass and www.waltec.de.