Vitro launches online Energy Star guide for residential windows

Vitro has launched its online ‘Guide to Energy Star Criteria’ page

Homeowners can now gain additional information on the Energy Star programme with Vitro’s online ‘Guide to Energy Star Criteria’ page.

Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) has launched an online ‘Guide to Energy Star Criteria’ page at to help consumers understand the Energy Star program, select windows to maximize energy savings in their homes and find Vitro Glass residential window dealers in their area.
The portal details the most recent Energy Star criteria for residential window energy performance, and provides definitions for designated ratings, such as U-value and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which are published on every Energy Star-certified window label.
The site also lists all Vitro window glass products that meet prescribed Energy Star criteria in each of the four US climate zones (northern, north/central, south/central, southern) without the assistance of other residential window components, such as framing, spacers and insulating gases.
Homeowners can access a ‘locator’ tool to quickly find dealers that sell Energy Star-certified windows made with Vitro Glass. The tool searches by ZIP code or city, and provides complete contact information and street locations for each dealer in the database.
Visitors can also find answers to frequently-asked questions, learn about the two types of low-E window glass and determine which is best for their area, and discover how selecting the right components can enhance the energy performance of their windows.

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