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Vitro: five year supply deal with Michigan“s largest winery

Vitro signs five year supply deal with Michigan“s largest winery
Vitro Packaging, the U.S. subsidiary of the Mexican glass major, announced 19 March 2004 that it has recently signed a five-year cont…

Vitro signs five year supply deal with Michigan“s largest winery Vitro Packaging, the U.S. subsidiary of the Mexican glass major, announced 19 March 2004 that it has recently signed a five-year contract with St. Julian, Michigan“s largest and oldest winery, to supply bottles for all of its Still wine requirements. The Vitro-supplied bottles use a roll-on finish compatible with a Stel capsule. In a press release, Vitro said that St. Julian is the first winery, east of California, to use this new Stel capsule with a screw-cap capability. One advantage of using screw-caps is the elimination of musty-smelling cork taint, a mold infestation estimated to affect 3- 10% of wine bottles sealed with cork. In addition, the bottle is easier to open, as no cork screw is required. The three brands that will be bottled in the Vitro packaging are: Blue Heron, a semi-sweet white wine; Simply White, semi-dry white wine, and Simply Red, a semi-dry red wine. The Blue Heron 750 ml glass Hock bottles are being made by the Vidriera Los Reyes facility, and the Simply White and Simply Red 750 ml Bordeaux/Claret bottles are being made by the Vidriera Monterrey plant, two of Vitro“s six manufacturing plants in Mexico. “St. Julian chose Vitro as the glass supplier for our new ROTE packages due to Vitro staff“s proactive attitude towards venturing into uncharted waters, their willingness to take the risk involved in designing and making new molds for ROTE wine bottles, and their belief in this closure eventually becoming the norm in the future of our industry”, said Chas Catherman, St. Julian“s Executive Vice President and Director of Operations. “Considerations for a glass supplier, now and in the future, in addition to the obvious ones of competitive pricing and quality products, have to include exactly what brought us here today. That is, being innovative and creative in the constant quest to improve the packages offered both in terms of function and of esthetics” assured Catherman. “Vitro Packaging was flexible enough to provide two new molds with volume that normally does not justify the building of new molds. These molds were built because we are confident of the plans St. Julian has for this package and their successful track record in the wine industry. This demonstrates Vitro“s commitment to the wine bottle market and to our desire to be on the forefront of new trends and technologies”, said Rick Croak, Midwest Sales Manager. “Vitro“s reputation as an excellent wine bottle supplier and competitive price, as well as to what we believe is the largest selection of wine molds in the Wine industry, allows us to supply to United States industry the largest selection of shapes, sizes, colors and new closure alternatives to add value to their products”, assured Lee Farlander, President of Vitro Packaging. “This joint venture between St. Julian and Vitro strengthens our participation in the North American economy”, said Alfonso Gomez Palacio, President of Vitro“s Containers business unit. “When the product reaches its market, this project will involve a Michigan-based Company, our Texas Commercial headquarters, our glass containers production facility located in Monterrey and Mexico City, as well as thousands of US and foreign consumers. This is a huge opportunity for us to show our capabilities and abilities to a worldwide wine industry.” Lee Farlander, President of Vitro Packaging, emphasized that “Another competitive advantage of Vitro Packaging, is the Company“s focus on delivering high-quality customer service; each client is part of a dedicated team.”

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