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Visiongain: Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Technologies Market Report 2017-2027

The new report from Visiongain discusses issues and trends affecting the Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Technologies market

Forecast by Type (Coding & Printing Technology, RFID, Holograms, Security Labels, Packaging Designs), by Application (Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Industrial & Automotive, Consumer Durables, Clothing & Apparels) plus Regional Market and Leading Players.

The new report from Visiongain discusses issues and trends affecting the Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Technologies market, with discussions, including qualitative analyses regarding:
•    Growing RFID market
•    Growth in Food & Beverages
•    Government regulations
In Asia-Pacific, South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand are showing significant growth in demand for anti-counterfeit packaging technologies due to increase in demand from end-use applications such as consumer durables, food & beverages, and automotive. These stated factors are also responsible for the growth of the market in Asia-Pacific. North America and Europe, which are the largest markets for anti-counterfeit packaging technologies, together accounted for 71.72% of the global market, in value, in 2017.
The global Anti-Counterfeit packaging technologies market can be segmented into Coding & Printing Technology, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Holograms, Security Labels, Packaging designs and Others. Globally, the Anti-Counterfeit packaging technologies market is dominated by Coding & Printing, followed by holograms and then security labels.
Visiongain’s 169-page report provides 117 tables, charts, and graphs covering 12 leading and distinct submarkets, with the most lucrative areas in the industry and future market prospects. The report also includes financial results, trends, opportunities, and revenue predictions.
According to the report, there will be increasing growth in the Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Technologies worldwide from 2017 to 2027.
The report features news, insights, the latest developments and an in depth survey of the Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Technologies market with up-to-date analysis as well as tables, graphs and charts, along with exclusive quantitative and qualitative analyses with independent predictions.

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