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Vidromecanica expand its premises

In 2020 the company celebrates its 36th anniversary

Vidromecanica has recently concluded the expansion of its premises, the company’s third significant expansion in the last years, providing additional space for the design and manufacture of equipment for the glass container and tableware sectors. Based in the glassmaking hub of Marinha Grande, Portugal, Vidromecanica has about 60 production staff.

In 2020 the company celebrates its 36th anniversary
Founded in 1984 by Antonio Barreto, Vidromecanica remains a family-run business of two generations. All these years of experience, all machinery manufactured in-house by specialists and worldwide partnerships amounts to important and competitive advantages, which Vidromecanica exploits to the full when supplying its clients with equipment.

With its manufacturing technology and high-tech machinery VIDROMECANICA develops glass machinery solutions for many applications of the glass industry, equipment and systems from VIDROMECANICA are used worldwide in the glass container, tableware and technical glass.

Today, the company serves customers throughout the world, to more than 60 countries and provides a wide range of glass thermal equipment, such as annealing, decorating and toughening, hot and cold end coating and cullet treatment equipment.

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