Falorni Tech Glass Melting Technology

Vidromecanica: Annealing & Tempering

Thermal treatments, Coatings and cullet processing for the glass industry.

Vidromecanica manufactures equipment for the glass industry.

Development, design and manufacture of machinery, development of the control system for the glass production lines is handled by our specialists.

In close cooperation with our customers and glass industry businesses, we are engaged in the development of individually tailor-made high performance machines. We exist since 1984 and we are in the market for the present and the future. With equipment supplied to over 60 countries we continue the reputation of providing customers with quality engineered solutions capable of operating on today’s modern high speed glass production lines.

Vidromecanica main equipment are:
• Annealing and decorating lehrs
• Belt and spindles tempering lines for tableware and stemware
• Stackers
• Moulds pre-heating kilns
• Hot & cold end coating
• Cullet crushers
• Scraper conveyors
• Thermal shock machines

With innovative machinery solutions for many applications of the glass industry, equipment from Vidromecanica come into operation worldwide. Our engineering is synonymous of safety for functioning and investment.

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