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Vetropack in 2021 increases net sales by 23.2 percent

Vetropack Group companies sold most of their additional capacities in their domestic markets

Consolidated net sales at Vetropack Group increased by 23.2 percent to CHF 816.5 million in 2021 (2020: CHF 662.6 million). The subsidiary the group acquired in the Republic of Moldova in December 2020 accounted for 6.9 percent of the increase in net sales. The group’s consolidated EBIT rose by 7.2 percent to CHF 81.6 million (2020: CHF 76.1 million)

The year 2021 was characterised by high demand for glass packaging throughout Europe. Vetropack Group once again strengthened its market position and increased its production capacity during the year under review. In addition, Vetropack’s markets and the group’s production operations were barely affected by the global pandemic.

Financial key figures for 2021

  • Net sales: CHF 816.5 million (2020: CHF 662.6 million)
  • EBIT: CHF 81.6 million (2020: CHF 76.1 million)
  • EBIT margin: 10.0 percent (2020: 11.5 percent)
  • Consolidated profit: CHF 63.8 million (2020: CHF 81.2 million)
  • Net liquidity: CHF 88.7 million (2020: CHF 59.7 million)
  • Cash flow: CHF 154.1 million (2020: CHF 141.2 million)
  • Cash flow margin: 18.9 percent (2020: 21.3 percent)
  • Equity ratio: 73.9 percent (2020: 77.0 percent)

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