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Versatility of Schott’s Nextrema Glass-Ceramic and Duran Tubing on show at Materials Science and Technology Conference

The material portfolio of Schott NEXTREMA® includes six glass-ceramics that can be used for various applications thanks to their various properties.

Schott, international technology group and specialty glass experts, highlighted the breadth of application possibilities for its range of glass materials, including NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic for high-heat applications and DURAN® glass tubing, at the Materials Science and Technology conference in Columbus, Ohio held from 4-8 October.
Pairing style and function, NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic is now available for high-temperature applications such as infrared heaters and radiators. NEXTREMA® carries the advantages of technical glass (such as high transmission and a non-porous surface), and boasts heat resistance up to 1,740 F (950 C) and the ability to withstand thermal shocks up to 1,470 F (800 C). This glass-ceramic, available in six colors, is known for its high transmittance of infrared radiation in the short and medium-wave infrared ranges, and can be customized in thicknesses between 2 and 8 mm. NEXTREMA® can be a transformative yet functional design element in infrared applications, as well as health and wellness heaters, outdoor area heaters, grills, and industrial dryers.
“In a restaurant, an outdoor heater brings people together on a chilly night. Traditional covers waste heat through uneven radiation, but NEXTREMA® radiates the heat uniformly throughout a space, and softly diffuses the harsh light from these heaters,” said Rob Gandenberger, Marketing Associate with Schott Home Tech. “NEXTREMA®’s smooth surface, and the ability to front heaters in different colors, adds a special pop to these infrared radiators.”
Schott also demonstrated the versatility of tubing, including its DURAN® glass tubing line. DURAN®, another product with a wide range of applications, can be manufactured with different wall thicknesses and inner diameters. Schott used DURAN® with an anti-reflective coating to cover a 360-degree camera for an extreme snowboarding summit in Germany; this technology can be applied to cameras at other sporting events, concerts, and in TV show production.
In total, Schott can manufacture 60 types of glass tubing, and additional coatings expand the uses of the piping. For example, CONTURAX® glass tubing has significantly accelerated algae growth in photobioreactors.
More information about these products is available on the company website.

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