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Verallia’s Cognac glass plant celebrates the restarting of furnace

Modernization work performed on furnace dedicated to the production of extra-flint glass

The teams at Verallia’s Cognac plant celebrated the restarting of one of the factory’s three furnaces, the unit specialized in producing high quality extra-flint glass.
This  12 million EUR investment further strengthens the Verallia group’s territorial anchoring in Charente, France, and its leadership as the reference glassmaker on the dynamic Cognac market.
Work on modernizing the cognac’s extra-flint producing furnace lasted less than two months and mobilized around fifty business partners. The furnace and its four production lines were refurbished to increase the facility’s extra-flint output and flexibility.
The result of a long industrial history initiated in 1878 by Claude Boucher, inventor of the first glass-blowing machine, Verallia’s cognac plant today serves three main markets:  still  wines,  sparkling  wines, and  cognac  and  spirits. Most cognac producers, regardless of their size and their positioning opt for extra-flint glass, a color unrivalled in terms of transparency and shine.
With this investment, Verallia, a manufacturing corporation wholly dedicated to glass packaging, continues to implement its operational excellence strategy and further strengthens its foothold in the Charente region of France where it employs 430 people on 4 manufacturing sites. (glassmaking plant, Everglass household glass treatment site, René Salomon facilities, with Société Charentaise de décor only recently acquired in April 2017)
“With this new installation, we are increasing our capacity, our flexibility – notably for the production of large containers up to 4.5l, and our quality control. We have also taken care of the working conditions for our teams: the lines are now equipped with hoists to reduce load-carrying, the site’s ventilation has been enhanced and we have refurbished the furnace control cabin at the hot end,” stated Christian Garnaud, Verallia Cognac’s plant manager.
During the traditional furnace lighting ceremony, the furnace was symbolically relit by Véronique Martial, PA at the plant, and Patrick Bernardet, furnace rebuild project leader at Verallia, who are now respectively the furnace’s godmother and godfather.

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