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Verallia: All committed to building a sustainable future

Verallia has published its 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR).

With 34 glass plants in 12 countries, Verallia is Europe’s leader and the world’s third-largest producer of glass packaging. Every day, 10,000 passionate employees work hard to provide safe, beautiful, sustainable glass packaging for food and beverages for customers around the world.

That is Verallia’s purpose: to proudly offer innovative, personalised, environmentally friendly solutions. Verallia also represents certain deeply held values that inform its actions and guide the company on a daily basis.

As a leader in the glass packaging industry, Verallia bears a great responsibility. The company must be the one to drive transformation, going further and faster by promoting a circular economy and making glass packaging more eco-friendly.

That is why the purpose of Verallia is to re-imagine glass for a sustainable future. This transition is vital, given the current state of climate change and to ensure the company’s longevity.

Based on this purpose, Verallia wants to redefine how glass is produced, reused and recycled. Verallia wants to make glass the most sustainable form of packaging in the world and create a circular economy for glass. The purpose Verallia has chosen for itself forces the company to remain open to new ideas and methods for production, reuse and recycling.

To achieve this, Verallia musts:

  • Accelerate innovation in the value chain to reduce carbon emissions. Verallia is committed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 46 percent by 2030.
  • Make reuse a winning solution for the planet and for glass packaging.
  • Support, and encourage partners to support, the use of recycled glass as a raw material.

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