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Upcycled glass from ToughGlaze UK

TG Magna’s special optical characteristics for internal and external applications

ToughGlaze UK presents its newest innovative material for the construction, architecture and design industries, made entirely from 100% recycled glass.

TG Magna from ToughGlaze UK is the newest innovative material to hit construction, architecture and design industries. The material is made entirely from 100% recycled glass from industrial glass production waste. Achieving a true circular eco outcome from its manufacture to application.
The special optical characteristics of TG Magna come to the fore in applications such as edge lighting worktops, where backlighting TG Magna creates exciting design options, using RGB LEDS to generate colour palettes.
In external façade applications, TG Magna uses Fisher Fixings undercut system. Façade panels for this system will be prefabricated at ToughGlaze’s London based headquarters including drilling and placement of the secret undercut anchor.
During the production process, the waste glass material is inspected then broken in a controlled manner into shards. The glass is then put through a complex sintering process, without need for pressure nor binding additives, using only temperature, care and attention to produce a unique product that displays random yet even details.
TG Magna is available in a range of finishes to suit various applications.

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