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TVITEC: contributes to leed certified green building with its premium insulated glass: Isolar

Being able to ensure sustainability protecting our planet is an important goal for all of us, even more so for industrial sectors such as building and construction. Glazing – an important part of residential and commercial buildings – is moving more and more towards eco-efficiency, awarding glassmakers important certifications. Tvitec provides information on which types of glass can contribute in achieving these certifications.

Glass can contribute decisively to building sustainability and bearing this is mind, Tvitec has just edited the first guide to provide building and promoting companies, architects and construction professionals with information as to which types of this ‘ever-modern’ material could favour the achievement of maximum LEED or BREEAM certifications in their projects. Tvitec’s premium double-glazing Isolar is, in fact, an eco-efficient factor that really makes the difference.

The simple guide edited by Tvitec reviews succinct steps on how more technologically advanced glazing solutions can score towards obtaining different LEED seals that internationally guarantee the energetic efficiency of constructions, which become friendlier towards the environment while caring for the planet.
Tvitec, one of the larger European architectonic glass transformers, is engaged with all the guidelines regarding climate change challenges. Each and every Isolar product that appears in the guide, whether flat or curved, not only adjust to this environmentally friendly spirit, but also contributes to the comfort and well-being of people in the residential, commercial, offices or services framework.

The maximum LEED Gold or Platinum certifications that are possible to achieve with the prescription of adequate glass for each project also subscribes to the guarantees that any business seeks when trying to achieve maximum energetic saving, which therefore also achieves economic saving.

Tvitec, aside from this informative publication, also has an active technical online channel, Glask (, through which its experts can respond to questions regarding this field in particular, and any other that architectural studios, façade consultants or construction firms
may have.

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