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Tvitec: bringing a modern vision to the glass auditorium of the Institute of France

Laminated safety glass sheets of more than five meters are integrated harmonically into the new auditorium of one of the historic buildings of Paris. Tvitec was the company chosen to supply this glass, which guaranteed the safety required for this important cultural building.

Combining history with modernity
At the beginning of this year, the Institut de France inaugurated a modern and beautiful auditorium that will complete the cultural activity of this prestigious gala institution, bringing together the main academies of fine arts and sciences of the country. To contribute to that feeling of modernity with respect to the classical architecture of a huge and spectacular palace dating back to the 17th century, the architect of the project, Marc Barani, opted for high-performance glass as a very prominent element, among other building materials.
Tvitec was the company chosen to supply the large glazed pieces that surround the new auditorium amid imposing walls and domes of centuries-old stones. Tvitec, supplied units of more than 5 meters high laminated with Sentry Glass for the French façade Coveris, specialized in curtain walls. Tvitec provided the additional safety demanded by the prescribers in this envelope with the use of several layers of Sentry Glass in the lamination process.

A glazed capsule
The glazed capsule of the new auditorium of the Institut de France is actually a double skin made up of more than 20 units, in each case, of up to 15 + 15. The inner skin of the envelope is a 10 + 12.2 with PVB sheets, while the outer skin is composed of glasses 15 + 15.2 with Sentry Glass (2 * 0.89). For the exclusive production of this type of solutions, the Spanish company used low-iron glass. In this way, the safety and acoustic conditions of the huge Tvitec laminates add to the project of the Atelier Marc Barani a series of aesthetic factors of clarity, transparency and luminosity, really spectacular due to the low iron content of this range, with which, at the same time, a higher level of light transmittance is achieved. The entrance of greater natural light favours energetic efficiency in the enclosure, making it more comfortable for those inside the building.

Quality controls and demanding standards for a unique architectural framework
Tvitec exceeded its quality controls in each piece, even over its already demanding standards, because despite being a small ‘job’ in terms of glass surface, the company was aware from the first moment of the unique architectural framework in which it would install and clearly demonstrate the importance and value of its production, which also involved the polishing of the edges of all the glass units. The resulting glazing of the auditorium was revealed as extraordinary for all the public that attended the inauguration of this renovated space.
The new auditorium of the Institut de France has a capacity for 350 people and will become an essential part of the cultural work and international dissemination of the five French academies.
The auditorium integrates perfectly with the architecture of the palace and its urban environment. The building can be accessed from the courtyards of the palace and Cardenal Mazarine street, which borders the institute.

Tvitec has in its manufacturing facilities Cubillos del Sil (León), very close to Ponferrada, with the most technologically advanced laminate lines on the market, with capacity to process large dimensions of glass, and highly specialized professionals in this type of solutions, along with a technical department that advises clients in the final agreement regarding the most appropriate type of product to be used.
This year, Tvitec will soon also have special equipment to manufacture curved laminated glass of special dimensions, with which it will become the great integral transformer of architectural glass in Spain and in one of the most relevant at European level.

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