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Tulun Glass Composites Plant construction scheduled for 2019

Construction on LLC Tulun Glass Composites Plant will start in March-April 2019

LLC Tulun Glass Composites Plant held a round table on 11 July to resolve administrative, social and economic problems that arose at the project implementation stage of the plant, which is now expected to start construction in the first quarter of 2019.

Construction on LLC Tulun Glass Composites Plant will start in March-April 2019, according to the plant’s general director Dmitry Tanichev. A round table was held on 11 July, organized by the plant to resolve administrative, social and economic problems that arose at the project implementation stage.
The company plans to revive the production of quartz sand processing and build a plant for the production of fiberglass. This requires the construction of a new plant. This project is planned to be implemented by the glass composites plant together with the company BaikalSvyazEnergoStroy.
LLC Tulun Glass Composites Plant intends to build two facilities: a mining and processing plant where sand processing will take place, and a plant for the production of products from glass-composite materials that are used in many industries, replacing metal. Among the products are geotextiles, reinforced road grids, various pipes, reinforcement for concrete, supports, fiberglass roving, which is used in the manufacture of mats, fabrics and composite materials. The construction of a mining and processing plant is scheduled to start this year, the plant itself – in the spring of 2019.
According to Tanichev, at the moment there are hearings about the transfer of the land plot into industrial, this is the reason for the postponement of construction terms. Work is continuing on obtaining a license for the field, once all documentary approvals have been completed, the company will start construction and installation works. Recall, for the construction identified the territory of the former Tulun airport. This land plot has been chosen for several reasons: the proximity of the resource base, the availability of infrastructure, relative remoteness from the dense residential development.
The enterprise concluded an agreement with the Agency for Investment Development of the region. Cooperation is being worked out with the Monocities Development Fund and the Irkutsk Region Industrial Development Fund. The total investment amount is 1 billion rubles. Of this amount, 20% will be invested by an investor from Tulun Denis Shershnev. Payback period of the enterprise is 12 years. At the first stage, the total capacity is 11.5 thousand tons of composite products per year, later – up to 25 thousand tons. At the moment, 27 types of products have been worked out, which the plant plans to produce.
“The organization will engage in deep processing of Tulun quartz glass reserves. In production, it is planned to use the technology of dry cleaning without damage to nature. Purification is intended to be made without water and practically without waste, “Tanichev noted.
During the construction period, personnel will be trained at the plant, with 250 people expected to be employed during the first stage, to be increased to 500 at a later date. Once the plant reaches its designed capacity, the number of jobs will increase to 1,000, with priority given to the employment of local residents, ensured Tanichev. In turn, the deputy head of the Innovation and Scientific Center of the IrNITU Valery Gorovoy expressed his readiness to organize training in Tulun for employees of the glass composites plant.
“Last October, I made the final decision on the construction of the plant. To date, a lot of work has been done to design the enterprise, solutions have been found for complex technological issues related to the development of the deposit, a selection of equipment suppliers has been made. On the basis of the technical university, an engineering centre has been created to develop unique technological solutions. Tulun Glass Composites Plant will make a significant contribution to the development of the economy and social sphere of the region, Tulun and Tulun region,” commented Shershnev.

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