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Tiama signs a hot end partnership with Vidrala and equips 6 production lines with “Tiama HOT MASS” (ex GIA)

Besides being one of its main cold end supplier, Tiama and Vidrala have agreed to work a partnership on the hot end.

This partnership will consist in improving the existing products of TIAMA and will consist in developing new sensors. Indeed TIAMA is launching several Hot End tools which linked to the IS machines and to its cold end machines will enable to provide the plants all the necessary information to react quickly on its process in order to improve its Pack to Melt. Among the Sensors, TIAMA and VIDRALA will first focus on the “Tiama HOT MASS” sensors (Ex GIA from GEDEVELOP) which enables to regulate weight, give a temperature measure of the gob and gob shape. The “Tiama HOT MASS” works on NNBP process but is mainly targeted for the Blow & Blow lines as it is the only device allowing Weight regulation for such process. The technical center of VIDRALA estimated a fast payback on B&B lines. With these 6 new lines, VIDRALA will have 9 of its B&B lines equipped, and is looking to equip all of them in the next 3 years.

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